What is the ____ video game music you can think of?


Don't mind me, I'm just chillin' by the Fountain.
I'll just change it when I remember to.
What is the fastestgamemusic you can think of?
Meta Knight's Revenge from SSBB is pretty darn fast.
And attempting to play the Super Mario Bros. castle theme on the piano is a nightmare.
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Killer Moth

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cackletta's soul battle theme is fairly fast, though i'd imagine it probably isn't the fastest out of video game music history, just one that comes to mind. i might have said smb1 castle theme but you already mentioned that so thought i'd say something original

Killer Moth

Jump City shall fall before my mite!
creepiest - smb1 ghost house (not originally in the game, but made for smm series and intended to sound like it could have been in the original game)
slowest - mmm i choose soft light from SPM, which also happens to be my favourite mario music track

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Hard to pick fast VGM as I default to nonVGM music. For some reason, numetal-type music come to mind because it sounds tough to sing the fast lyrics with the flow.



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i bet a buncha non music disc minecraft music is pretty slow cause they dont interfere with anything theyre kinda chill. dreiton takes like a billion years to start (it is prob my favorite non music disc song though so yknow)
as for fastest! panic at the port and fire when wetty in rayman origins are pretty dam fast paced and so cheery i love them a whole lot
but im sure theres both slower and faster tracks than these in a game ive played that i just couldnt think of

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Damn I could just play Spore's "Horror" music but I guess I'll mix things up by citing a different game:


Brawl Mario

Super Smash Bros.'s most fearsome Mario
As for creepiest I have to say anything from that demented Super Mario 64 Chaos Edition like this one

or maybe just the best combination of dumb, funny, weird, and horrible

Classic Robotnik

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Fastest: So tbh I never really listened to the bonus game theme from smash ultimate, but listening to it without all the sounds you hear while playing, you realize that it gets pretty damn fast near the end. Fitting for a level where you need to be fast
Slowest: I can't really think of a track that's that slow, so I guess the slowest track i know is cloudy flower fields from paper mario
Creepiest: sonic cd us boss music. need i say more?


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
rayman 3 here with desert of the knaaren music
of course its scary theres like tons of big invincible monsters everywhere and also zombie chickens sometimes show up to bully you for carryin an egg and they have their own music as well
the reflux fight bops though and it even changes depending on what hes currently doing


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Slowest: Breath of the Wild - Field

Creepiest: Giygas battle from Earthbound


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This music is on top of a particularly difficult boss fight.