Who is THE most annoying minion/enemy/boss in any Mario game ever?

Brawl Mario

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I hear it's either you match up everything in the allocated time and they finish too quickly or else it's a bit of a slog.

Trab Pu Kcip

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I'll have to say the Spinys, as they always seem to hit me when I'm playing in a level where Lakitu is throwing them.


I'd have to say FAWFUL for sure. He is SO annoying the way he talks. the way he looks. AND the same way with GRUBBA. i can't stand him either. AND the same way with GRODUS. i can't stand him either.

Brawl Mario

Super Smash Bros.'s most fearsome plumber
you're part of the problem
This thread is the sole reason Hammer Bros. continues to place first in Worst Enemy
No, not their fault. Just that some had a bad experience with a few Hammer Bros. and then deduced to mean all are bad. We need to fight this hate with love!

What better way to show support for Hammer Bro. than depicting them lovingly raising Mario?

ring beamers i mean pulse beams. thanks for making the worst section of darker side you Stupid
I think it's not their fault, I think those spikey whatchamacallit that jump at you make it tricky to NOT strike those pulse beams.

Bob Craples

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I mainly meant Hammer Bros in the og Super Mario Bros. I really like Hammer Bros, but in that game their so annoying to deal with.

Brawl Mario

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Sure, but they're kinda boss enemies? I find Lakitus and Bloopers to be worse, and in later games, Flying Cheep Cheeps. Also Fire Chomps. And Porcupuffers. Yeah. Hammer Bros. are memorable, maybe, but I can't say they're a lot worse than those friggin' Wind things in Super Mario Sunshine.

At least you can mind control those things

also, looking back on the thread, holy ravioli, there were quite a few posts on hammer bro. don't pick on one guy. :/


Always remembering Walkazo
Before getting the Zap Tap badge, they were the bane of my brother's and my existence.
Green Fuzzies even moreso because they can multiply.

Also Munchers specifically because of World 9-7 in NSMBW

Brawl Mario

Super Smash Bros.'s most fearsome plumber
I keep just remembering how Thousand-Year Door completely ruined that sweet sound of electrocution when those insufferable Fuzzies try to latch on to you and take 50 years to finish their attack on you. Fuzzies also look super ugly and can be destroyed with fire, so that's a plus for them.

I can't blame the Munchers in that level though. The Piranha Plants make you melt them. Hell, the Venus Fire Trap is even helping you melt them... Weirdly enough, that one level is the only level Munchers appear in that game.

Munchers are more often than not the bane of existence in some particular Super Mario Maker courses, I'll give you that, but if isn't Munchers, it'll be something tacky like spikes or lava.

Dark Light

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Boss Bass are worse than Porcupuffers, at least Porcupuffers don't eat you.

But yeah, screw those types of enemies who follow you throughout the level and if you kill them, they respawn.

Flying Cheep Cheeps are also a pain in the ass to deal with. If you think Hammer Bro's weird projectile arcs will throw you for a loop, you haven't played with these creatures that just spawn from the bottom of the screen and just hit you almost out of nowhere.

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Jumping cheep cheeps are kinda unfair. I mean, quite honestly, I feel like it really only depends on your luck if it comes to avoiding them, and the levels they mostly appear in are pretty empty, which does not make the level fun. I mean really, is there a way you can predict if one is going to come flying towards your face? At least it's a good think they only appear a bit