Novelties from older games that you kinda miss?


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As technology marches on, many things that were once prolific and commonplace in the industry tend to fall by the wayside. Stuff like when games used to come with an actual physical instruction manual with vibrant colors and illustrations, cartridges sometimes having their own unique designs that set them apart from the rest of their system's respective library like the GB/GBA-era Pokemon games for example, or even the quantity of bizarre and outright quirky controllers like the DK Bongos or the various Guitar Hero Guitars.

But has there been any novelty from gaming's past that you kinda miss?

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>skilled enough to get a mew

you mean lucky enough, right?

anyhow i do think the culture of false rumors and such was a neat product of the early internet and things like the pokegods fascinate me, i love reading about that stuff

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Music made from MiDi. Games like Smash Bros. on 64 or Pokemon Gold on Game Boy Color getting their music messed up because of too many sound effects playing. And also, getting terrifying music composed of glitchy sound effects when you corrupt cheats for your Super Mario 64 cartridge (watch PBG runs of a hacked Mario 64 or his Mario 64 hacks video hear what I mean)

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I remeber something called the power glove. The most impressive piece of tech at the time for consumers. Catch: It played like trying to play SMO without cappy, coinless, no moving.
Gimmicks that don't work the way they intend isn't that old, just ask the Kinect.


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text based games where typing in stuff is how you do actions

Why? Because of the funny results and potential easter eggs they often had.

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i'm not entirely sure what the question is asking

wii and nds games used to have physical instruction manuals which i'd always love and i miss that.

minecraft for xbox 360 had like a special feel to it which java and bedrock don't, although i still prefer those two versions due to having far less limitations

first three paper marios had amazing ideas which i really hope get a chance to come back.

idk i'm only 17 and the newest console i own is the wii u, which has everything i loved about the wii and takes it to a whole new level (better internet things, back compatibility with wii games and controllers, even uses the wiimote for several of its own games, an eshop and virtual console which isn't closed, the wii u gamepad is amazing, lots of new games). same kinda goes for the 3ds.

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Entirely new concepts of gaming genre being unearthed for all to see for the very first time. Though admittedly I've only seen it once, when "3D" was introduced.
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Wii Sports Resort
Mario Party 8 (Why Hudson? WHYYYYY???)
Miitopia (WE NEED MIITOPIA 2.)
Mario & Luigi: (RIP, AlphaDream)


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Fun instruction manuals to read on the way home with a new game, game systems that were more durable rather than being sleek but fragile. The neat little accessories you could get for systems like the original GBA including special shells and screen-lighting apparatus which were rendered obsolete when backlit screens became a standard. Speaking of backlit screens, you have no idea how hype the GBA SP was for me when I first got it. Having a backlight was a HUGE deal, nowadays you forget it was ever not included.

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When Donkey Kong Country Returns was the best 2D DK. Oh wait, it still kind of is.


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Physical instruction booklets for sure, I remember spending hours flipping through those booklets looking at all the beautiful art. Digital manuals are okay, but unless they're Mario Maker or Color Splash, they're really not all that interesting to read through.