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I just had a surprisingly emotional experience with the following song:

I was feeling a bit down, so I wanted to listen to some relaxing music. The thing about this song is that it just seems to exude a sense of comfort, like it's telling you that though things may be rough, everything's going to be okay. It must be the combination of low-key instruments: the piano, whatever the main instrument is, and the whistling. They combine to make a relaxing song that just makes me feel warm inside.

Now, I do believe this feeling is amplified by an external factor: nostalgia. For me, nostalgia is often not as obviously present as it seems it should be. I don't just hear music or whatever and think "hey I'm feeling nostalgia". Instead, I have to figure it out based on the fact that I just seem to like something more than I should. I think that's part of what's happening with this song: when I hear it, my mind always pictures two characters driving along Wario Colosseum celebrating, from back when I played Double Dash with my brother and we went to that course a lot because I thought it was cool. I think those memories from my childhood definitely contribute to the feelings I get. However, I do wonder if other people get those warm vibes from this song independent of any nostalgia for the game in question.

While I'm on the subject, I might as well mention another song that I seem to like more than I should for no apparent reason:

I just dig this song. It sounds so stylish to me, and I always picture the four characters endlessly running at the beginning of their journey to save the princess. In fact, the whole game of NSMBW feels real stylish and charming to me, especially this theme and the credits theme. I think this too is affected by nostalgia since I seem to like it more than it would warrant at face value.

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You never let me down Dave Wise. This is my favorite track in Diddy Kong Racing, both in terms of music and track layout, it's a nice, funky dancey tune that also plays in the credits of the game. I really like Diddy Kong Racing's soundtrack in general.


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A peaceful piano take on a song that's otherwise upbeat, cartoony, and cheerful. Still love Diddy Kong Racing's soundtrack.

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This interpretation of Waluigi Pinball is underrated. I think the music feels like it fits right in a WarioWare game.


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I always remembered how much I loved this song. But I forgot just how indescribably amazing this masterpiece was.


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Highway (Toad's Turnpike) - Mario Kart 64 on Club Circuit. Toad's Turnpike is one of my favourite songs in Mario Kart 64, it manages to give of this vibe that none of the songs in the series has manged to capture since. This remix is that song, but eight minutes long. It's barely anything like the original, with the original medley only coming in every now and then, but besides that it's very different. Despite being so different, it manages to capture a similar feeling to the original.

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Rogueport Sewers - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. I've been trying to find this song for ages now, I've heard it appear in multiple YouTube videos and I've been wondering what game it was from, so I'm happy I've finally found it. YouTubers please make a list of what music you use in your video (preferably with timestamps), it makes the process of finding songs far less painful.

I really like how funky the song is.


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oh oh yeah ive def heard this in nitrorad videos and.. honeslty just kinda assumed it was from that n64 bomberman game that has a boppin soundtrack and seems to be used a lot
i see now then
anyway i listened to the birabuto kingdom theme from mario land earlier and now its in my head


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The days when there are higher quality versions of existing soundtracks are over, so there won't be something like that F-Zero Jazz album or that orchestrated Super Mario Land soundtrack. Mario Hoops 3 on 3 had the fortune to have this sort of soundtrack, and this is one of my favourites.

Thank you for reading.

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Mario Hoops 3-on-3 had the Sherbet Land CD version that I really like too

Btw do you like the Mario Sports Mix version of Mario Stadium? It has the same feel as that one

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Nothing specific in mind. I just browsed through my large library of music and decided to play VGM in the background for once. I like this song. It's underrated and I don't like how it's never rearranged.