Third Party devs you want to see make a Mario game

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We got Mario games from Sega, Square, Konami, Hudson and Namco, who should be next?
Obviously Capcom stands out but I wouldn't mind Falcom making a game, considering Popful Mail and Gruimin, they are better at a different type of platfirmer and that excites me

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Maybe we could see Activision making a Mario game. I mean Bowser and DK were guest characters in a Skylanders game, so I wouldn't be surprised if they actually did it.


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I would like to see how a reputable indie game studio handle a Mario game, since Brace Yourself Games did a great job integrating the Zelda series into a tile-based rhythm game. If the plan goes smoothly, the benefit would be mutual: Nintendo gets to provide a new twist with another Mario game, while that indie studio gets to rise to new heights. In that vein, I would like to see how Re-Logic (aka Terraria's developer) handle a Mario game, since its developers had their start with Mario before making a game that they could call their own.

In terms of a bigger developer, I am unsure on who else could handle a Mario game the first time. For example, I would like Square Enix to handle Mario but they already did, even though I would like to see, say, Fortune Street with Mario characters again. Gungho already did a Puzzle & Dragons game with Mario characters so that's out as well. I am not a fan of Capcom handling a Mario game only because their portfolio with Mario games are basically conversions of existing Mario games. It's pretty unfortunate that it's difficult to name medium companies since the games industry favours the larger companies while smaller/indie companies have a higher quantity.

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Wayforward is one of the first things that comes to mind, except instead of Crazy Galaxy I would like to see how they handle Daisy in her own game since I believe that Daisy's personality and design meshes well with the type of characters that Wayforward tend to come up with. (EDIT: And more voice acting from Deanna Mustard is a huge plus)

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Sega. Because the irony amuses me.

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Factor 5. It would be cool to see what they could do with it.