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Finally, after 3 years, my favorite character receives an original costume after 3 alts based on previous outfits/power-ups. Hopefully this means other characters that don't have any original costumes will get some soon. I'd love to see Dixie, Birdo, and Baby Luigi getting them!
Big news, paid gacha is starting to be phased out:

No, it won't become a f2p friendly game - Mario Kart Tour is the purest form of pay2win - but if they really will remove paid gacha I'll applaud them (and the European countries who made the investigation on loot boxes whose outcome is so obvious the developers already moved forward).

Oh, and battle mode is finally confirmed, but at this point it's the small news ;-)

sweet, the less gacha and microtransactions the better (lookin' STRAIGHT at you, WOM... I love you, but you gotta get rid of some of those awful microtransactions)
Yeah I'm withholding my celebration until I see how this removal and future unlocking methods are executed.

And since I still have a phone incompatible with the game, I'll still continue to love vicariously through my little png project.
Hey, since we didn't talk about it yet, wellllll…

yeah, you can't buy pipe pulls with rubies any longer. Only Mii Racing Suits, Drivers, Karts, Gliders and Coins. The prices are basically the highest they could put: 150 rubies for a High-End driver, 100 rubies for a High-End kart or glider and a non-discounted Mii Racing Suit, 70 rubies for a discounted Mii Racing Suit.

But since this is Mario Kart Tour we're talking about, plenty of nonsense happened too. My favorite? Pipe pulls of permanent/regular drivers, karts and gliders bought with the premium, premium+, premium++ (no joke, that's their name…) challenges and Gold Pass. Literally as paid gacha as it gets. Plus, the Daily Selects and now the Daily Spotlight can be reshuffled in the hope of getting the item you want by using Quick Tickets, and wanna know what is the source of 3 more Quick Tickets every tour? Yup, the Gold Pass!

Also, the packs acknowledge how more rubies are needed to get d/k/gs (they now give 75 and 150 rubies instead of 45 + 1 High-End and 90 + 2 High-Ends), but now the free rubies given in a tour are 47, down 22 from the former 69. And first place in a ranked cup gives 25 rubies instead of 40. So yeah, careful planning of at least tours in advance.

A big overhaul of the permanent/regular High-Ends and of the Daily Selects too, and they removed drivers, karts and gliders from the Token and Tier Shop because again, this is Mario Kart Tour, helping the non-paying players goes against the mission of the game.

Overall, either they're the best schemers ever or they have no idea what they wanted to do - beside making many money possibly through paid gambling-like mechanics, of course.
More changes this time than usual, thanks to suggestions and corrections on Reddit.

Change log: Mario, Golf Mario, Rosalina, Black Yoshi, Yoshi, Luigi, Golf Luigi, Gold King Boo, Hiker Wario, Lakitu, King Bob-omb, Black Birdo, Morton Koopa Jr., Gold Petey

high end char assignments.png
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At long last, I can finally give the P-Wing to Kitsune Luigi! Oh, and Meowser gets another calico designed glider.

Change log: Meowser, Kitsune Luigi

high end char assignments.png
Finally got Kangaroo Yoshi. I love you can buy Special characters with rubies now.


Battle Mode at last! I played Battle Mode like crazy on Mario Kart 7, and Wii.
The first driver I keep maxed out when new levels and points caps are unlocked!

It helps that he has an enormous amount of favorite courses, but I started investing in him way before he revealed his amazing coverage, just because he is a boxer Yoshi with a frikkin' kangaroo hat (and an Australian flag scarf)!

Well, ok, also technically because the boombox (boomerang on Coin Box) requires an enormous amount of time & setup before level 4, but I certainly didn't stop at that level!💛
And now, the oddity: this game is getting merchandise. No, seriously, it is, but it's as subtle as it gets:


Well, just Diddy Kong on a Pipe Frame, nothing strange about it… if the pipe frame didn't disappear in Double Dash only to return later in Mario Kart 7, where Diddy had disappeared too!

Indeed, the yellow SNES Pipe Frame is what Mario Kart Tour assigns to Diddy when selecting the combination!


Aaaah, our favorite Mario Kart 7 driver, Toadette! This one is a bit of a cruel addition of salt to the wound actually, considering how, roster apart, Mario Kart 7 was a very fine game actually (and we wouldn't have 8 nor Tour without 7, as both are heavily based on it).

Of course, the standard coloration of the Birthday Girl in Tour is the pink one.


The most subtle of them all! I mean, Bowser Jr. and the Flame Flyer were both in Mario Kart Wii, after all. The Flame Flyer even follows Bowser Jr.'s color pattern, in perfect MKW style!

Well, yes, except that in Mario Kart Wii Bowser Jr. couldn't drive the Flame Flyer, only his dad could! Bowser Jr. could only drive the Wild Wing, the equivalent kart for the medium-sized drivers!

Needless to say at this point, the standard coloration of the Flame Flyer in Mario Kart Tour is indeed this one!