Mario Kart Tour

It's about time.
Are Miis Super or High-End? And are they in pipes or do you just get your Mii at the start of the tour for free?
Are Miis Super or High-End? And are they in pipes or do you just get your Mii at the start of the tour for free?
Miis are free, in the sense that you're given the red suit for free to use them, the Miis on Mii suit are High-End drivers but with only 3 unlockable courses instead of 5, you get the suits as rewards or by directly paying rubies in the shop (70 rubies for the first copy, 100 rubies for the additional copies to level up if you don't want to use tickets). I'm surprised by the direct purchase option, I just hope it will be popular so it starts being used more widely, apart that it's infinitely better than any gacha, it's also cheap: so far the cheapest spotlight High-End driver was White Yoshi who was warranted with 145 rubies in the Tricolor Yoshi Pipe, the suits are less than half this cost.
Man, so the Miis aren't given the color from Mii Maker. That stinks.

Also gonna have to get crafty for my little MS Paint project...
A 'lil heads up:

The new Yoshi in gold egg hunt outfit is again a yellow Yoshi with the yellow Yoshi emblem and the orange/brown shoes (the same ones as Yoshi, and the ones yellow Yoshis wore in Super Mario World). Just like Yoshi (Kangaroo).

I doubt that's a coincidence, I rather suspect that this yellow Yoshi with brown shoes will be some kind of recurring gag driver, always wearing some peculiar outfits. For the moment let's just keep an eye on him - it would be quite the surprise to see a character debuting in Mario Kart Tour.
Today I received this notification:


"A golden Yoshi with the Coin Box has come to celebrate the 2 1/2 years together! A new tour begins, and it brings with it the N64 Yoshi Valley course!"

Do you have the text of the notification in other languages?
Another city being introduced, which means… another hand-drawn artwork!

Not hard to guess which city is being introduced (and admittedly tulips fit the spring season very well!).

By the way, I won't be around a lot in the next days, so for those who celebrate it I wish you a happy Easter, for the others I wish you a great springtime week-end!
I'm totally giving farmer Daisy the Firefly instead of the Dragonfly to match her signature color, but I'm stuck on the gliders due to already reserving the Rose Parasol for Valentine Pauline. Hmmm what to do...

Doctor Tour announced, introducing Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi, and several doctor-themed vehicle parts. As well, it features Wii Coconut Mall as a spotlight course. Interesting associaton of a shopping mall with a doctor theme, basically confirming that Coconut Mall has a clinic in it.

At around the 32 second mark in the trailer, you may notice a car obstacle moving across the track further away from the finish line, just like in the original Wii version. Now, I had assumed they made the cars completely stationary in the 8 Deluxe version because that arrangement supposedly worked better on a mobile racing game and the track had simply been pulled from the Tour development assets prior to its official mobile inclusion. It seems the DLC's developers simply weren't arsed to code any behaviour onto the cars for one reason or another. :s
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No one can stop me from continuing this. The hardest part was finding a different high-end Glider for Tuliplina due to my already assigning the Rose Parasol to Valentine Pauline because it fits her better. But then I noticed I never assigned the Royal Parachute to anyone yet.

high end char assignments.png
A retelling of my actual thought process:


*The next day*

wait I'm thinking of Beijing. Bangkok is Thailand. I'm an idiot.

Few notes about the Bangkok course:

- it plays great and looks great. has setpieces such as the bazaar and the motorway that afford a lively atmosphere. should the course be ported to mk 8 deluxe, even if kept low-poly or with plain textures, it's still gonna be sightly on account of the color palette and the level of detail that's already there

- the mix of oriental and jazz instruments in the music kinda reminds me of Metal Slug X

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