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Is it confirmed this will be the final city course for MKT? If so, that means there may be an announcement for the end of Tour coming in the future. Probably at the Anniversary tour but I'm just theorizing should Madrid Drive be the last city we get.
I haven't kept up with the whole ID gap datamine thing in a while, but it seems plausible to believe that some some city courses are due to receive their third routes (Athens Dash 3, Rome Avanti 3, and Madrid Drive 3), not to mention that a majority of these city courses still don't have a fourth route like Tokyo Blur and New York Minute do.

So, if nothing else, there's those we might wanna be looking forward to.

I'm still not quite happy that Eastern European representation was kept to a minimum, and it's a real pity that no country from the entirety of Africa and South America is there at all.
even though the Giza pyramids were on the banner at the initial release of the game!

Also no Florida track…
BTW. by final city course, I mean the last new original city course. The new routes are apart of pre-existing city courses.
It would be super cool if they made some landscape/geography courses too, based on real world locations, like mountains and environments like the African Savannah or the forests of China
Re: Eastern European representation

Should really make a Kiev race track because that'll show support for Ukraine while completely saying fuck you to the Kremlin.
The datamine indicates that there are no more new courses, which I suppose makes sense given how this game's new courses tend to coincide with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Booster Course Pass, meaning that for now, 4 more courses are slated for it (Rome Avanti, Madrid Drive, Piranha Plant Cove, Piranha Plant Pipeline) and it's doubtful that there would be more. I am more curious about the remaining racers, given how the obvious ones are out of the way (the last coloured Mii suit is the next one).

Even when the game stopped getting new content, I feel that the game will still cruise by because it's a far more popular game. Totally unlike Dr. Mario World where as soon as the last world got added, the game is already announced to be shut down. What they did with Dr. Mario World is way too abrupt so I hope they have the common sense to let this game cruise by a while longer, like I guess at least 1 year before the game starts closing.

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I made edits during last Tour but didn't post.

Change Log: Mario, Golf Mario, Black Suit Mario, Luigi, Golf Luigi, Green Birdo, Purple Pit Toad

high end char assignments.png

Change Log: Orange, White, Light Blue (who's not there yet), Blooper, Spike

Mii Suit assignments.png
Idk if I were to suggest something, devote your user page on MarioWiki about this so you can just edit it in a single link than posting these repeated massive pngs for the sake of a small update.
2022 Holiday Tour included GBA Snow Land in that tour, so in 2023 Sundae Tour, why is it replaced with GBA Luigi Circuit, since that track features rains than snow?

Devs made a mistake like they did to 2021 Halloween Tour for not including DS Luigi Mansion and Amsterdam Tour for not including the Mii Cup, as well as adding VS Mega early in Berlin Tour, 4th place

I mean why is it there than GBA Snow Land?
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It's official, Mario Kart Tour's content workflow is basically stopping, and the next tour, the Anniversary Tour, will receive the last of the new content...


Still! That means the game is running for the foreseeable future so there's no danger of it shutting down, unlike the fate of Dr. Mario World where the last world was also whey they basically started to throw the towel for that game. It may be disappointing, but it's still a good thing they will keep the game running.

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Guess I don't have an incentive to play any more

I haven't played it since the Pipeline course and just never touched it again.
With all the content already done with, the breadth of it is rather impressive, but it's also a hassle to get what you want, I imagine. After all, I get the impression that not every driver/kart part/course is available all the time, unlike Mario Kart Tour or Dr. Mario World (the latter still requiring a luck of the draw anyway).

I like how a lot the important characters get costumes, excluding any gold versions (because they are easier to do than adding a piece of clothing on them). For a character that several fans are quick to dismissing as unimportant, Daisy certainly has a lot especially because none of them were reused. It's a shame that a few of them like Baby Luigi and Baby Daisy didn't get any, but there are some unexpected choices like Donkey Kong getting one on the last year of new content, or Larry (and only this Koopaling) getting one.

I was so sure that there was going to be a Penguin Mii Suit.
Is that what the gap was for in your Mii chart?

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Devs made some mistakes during the game, resulting in missed opportunities not being resolved and making it different than organized:

For example, they forgot to RT Rock Rock Mountain in the Mario Bros. Tour, Bowser vs. DK Tour (the most boring team rally and the most boring tour in general) Wedding Tour, and 2023 New Year Tour, and 2023 Exploration Tour

Berlin Tour wasted potential by adding Berlin Byways 2, despite being simpler, instead of 1, like the other debut real-life city track tours, as well as lacking Berlin-themed gliders and putting VS Mega too early (4th place) instead of 6th or 7th.

Amsterdam Tour lacked a Mii Cup for unknown reasons. Also 2021 Halloween Tour for lacking DS Luigi's Mansion, despite other Halloween tours including that track

And the list goes on