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Anser said:
Well, I'm pretty disappointed about Dry Bowser being a literal copy-paste of Bowser. Same animations, same everything. Even his voice is just a slowed down version.
Sounds like he's just Bowser's version of Metal Mario and PGP from Sports Superstars.

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Forde said:
It's like Dry Bowser is Bowser's skeleton now! What the hell man!

I don't get it they're supposed to be two separate characters!
See: NSMB (Dry Bowser's debut) and MP10. This isn't new.

Although, judging from a Bowser quote in Island Tour, there may be multiple Dry Bowser clones, but Bowser's skeleton is the single true one.

Dr. Mario

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Next thing you're gonna tell me is that Baby Mario and Mario are supposed to be the same guy, but only in different time periods. Ludicrous conspiracy theory.

Sylvain José Gautier

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Oh stupid me! Look at me trying to explain something in a scientific way in the Mario franchise when I'm the one who keeps yapping about nothing making sense, am I right?


Always remembering Walkazo
Babies can at least have differing personalities and mentalities from their adult counterparts.
But powerup forms? Extreme makeovers? Nope. We might as well have all of Peach's outfits throughout the years as separate characters.