Mario Tennis Aces


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The new Mario Tennis for Nintendo Switch!

Mario and co. look very stylish in their new Tennis gear!

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After the mediocre Tennis Open and abysmal dumpster fire that was Ultra Smash, I'm wary of being excited for Mario tennis games.

Hopefully gimmick courts and mini games ala Power Tennis are available otherwise this will be a pass for me like Ultra Smash was since I do not care about story mode.


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Mandatory Rosalina gif for this thread.

Also i cant wait!

Finally Mario Spin off games seem to be recovering from death!!!

I love that they are giving the human males tennis gear as well! They look great.

Waiting for the rest of the characters.

Though, looking at the animations and ui , they seem to have recycled Ultra Smash assets so from the get go there's no excuse for this game to exclude several US characters.

Add Birdo and Diddy Kong back and it's perfect.

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It is clearly based on Ultra Smash, as the look of trails and the outline of Chance Shot areas is the same. And quite honestly, giving Ultra Smash more content isn't bad at all, from what I've seen it was a fun game marred only by the lack of content. The tennis outfits are awesome and the ability of breaking rackets is funny, plus Story Mode might give a lot of fun spins.

Pretty much, from this trailer it look like Ultra Smash as it should have been.

  • charging stances from N64 (which leads to charging Smashes outside of chance areas, as what you need is just start charging when the ball is above the player, the system was very versatile but it seems that Mario Tennis Open abandoned it)
  • Bowser Jr. on foot
  • Larry Koopa (or if Nintendo wants to avoid referencing MaRPGs like death, Ludwig von Koopa)
  • Oh yeah, Glydon (seriosuly, give this guy more credit than just two lines in SMO, Nintendo!)


I'd never walk Cornelia Street again.
if it's set to be coming by spring then the game is basically ''done'' at this rate.

Hopefuly they ditch the announcer from Power Tennis, i've had enough of the same sounds.

and pls let character abilities be back ... judging by the the meter in the UI then i guess it could be related to that? i hope.

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Looks great. Seriously it looks like something I'd want to get.

Also bosses? Yeah ok I’m cool with that.

Also damn is Waluigi one sexy guy.


I'd never walk Cornelia Street again.
So far Mario, Luigi, Wario , Waluigi and DK are confirmed playable.

Petey is confirmed to be a boss.

Peach, Daisy and Rosalina are safe and so are Yoshi and Bowser so they might reveal them next.

the characters that aren't safe are : Toad, Toadette, Dry Bowser, Bowser Jr and Sprixie.

I would assume they will cut Dry Bowser and the Sprixie in favor of other characters.

The sprixie is surely a goner because she is more like a ''wii u'' character since she belongs in 3D World ... Dry Bowser is a cheap clone so its 50/50 for him.

But like i said, since animations from US are returning there's little excuses for cutting characters like Bowser Jr for example


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Crap, a sports game that actually looks interesting.

And a story mode? Sounds good to me.

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Nice! Aside from story mode, I love how this features mario characters in tennis garbs.

Nice to see that Petey Piranha is back, as a boss battle though, at least he is present.


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LGM is gonna flip out over this I bet.


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I absolutely love how all of the characters are wearing special tennis attire, because the last time an entire character roster in a Mario game was seen wearing special attire for a sport was Mario Strikers Charged(?)

So this is possibly the first time in 11 years that something like this has happened in a Mario game!


I'd never walk Cornelia Street again.
well only humans.

DK doesn't have special gear, and Bowser and Yoshi would probably lack that as well.

im sensing the only reason to reveal only the plumbers in highligh matters was because of the costumes, meamwhile DK was just ''there'' but still confirmed.

im glad they are showing more detail to the human male cast instead of just focusing on the sports attire of the princesses and Rosalina.


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Swiftie_Luma said:
the characters that aren't safe are : Toad, Toadette, Dry Bowser, Bowser Jr and Sprixie.
I think Toad (maybe Toadette as a counterpart) are fine, considering how long he's been in the series.


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The audience wearing clothes with the character's symbol on it is a nice touch.


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I want Baby Luigi playable goddammit


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I want Bowser playable.

And thats guaranteed to happen.

I also want Goomba playable.

And thats not guaranteed to happen.


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With the new outfits, do you think we'll see that in the Odyssey update?