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J — Pony Disguise said:
Who was the guy that was showcased in that one MTA commercial? He and Mario signed the screen.
Rafael Nadal.
What I have said earlier that he would be the unexpected playable character.

What would be his trick and special shots?


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For this month, I have won 2 tournaments so far (but that's all I am playing for the month), which surprised me. The first one is won using Diddy Kong, while the second is won with Dry Bones. I think I like Dry Bones because he's not bad as far as Tricky characters go.

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You know I wonder who the last character is?

I mean datminers said that’s Dry Bowser and Baby Mario were in it so maybe it’s just those 2?

I’m certain we’ll find out soon maybe this week or the next


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Perhaps SGoW was referring to the five stages of grief?


Justice is not limited, it is a universal quality
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate must have influenced this new playable character, and so Petey Piranha is not the only playable plant in this game...

Introducing Fire Piranha Plant!

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Goddamn, I think we'll still get Dry Bowser in July.

Baby Mario, y u no show


Justice is not limited, it is a universal quality
I really hope we could get two new characters again, because if there are really only two new characters and Dry Bowser is the final new character, that would leave a corner in the character select that is blank.

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First Piranha Plant in Smash, then Petey's return as playable in Aces and now this? I love it!


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Still crossing my fingers for Rex. Not just for Aces, but for ANYTHING really.
Striker Luigi said:
Heck frick shoot dang darn :-\
Yea man I know how much you wanted Shaq.

Being serious though, I really wish Nintendo would start putting Dry Bowser in the day 1 game, that way they would stop having him to fall back on and make them either bring back better characters (Baby M & L) or create new ones (K. Rool dangit)