Forum level up thread


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Lucario said:
What matters is the post count, ya goof. It is what actually determines your rank remember?
Well yeah... but we have the same rank for now at least.


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I have reached the Blooper rank! Soon I will take over the entirety of Mario Boards. Every thread will have my name in it!

...not really, since I've avoided necroposting. But I have ranked up.


If you find any good Marie fanart, send it here!
Shy Guy on Wheels said:
I've stopped spamming posts in Forum Games, which means I'm still at the King Bowser Rank.
This is a post worth taking to heart.
Wow. I remember when I was on here just two months ago and Koops was at the Bowser rank.
Now I am.
I feel weirdly accomplished.
I guess I understand what Koops meant on my ask thread when he said "Is there anything you hope to accomplish here?" or something like that.


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1 month bump but now i have leveled down. because i now have a new account because my old one i forgot my password.
i have to start all over again.


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I'm finally free from Bowser! Now that I have a Shine Sprite, there are no more Bowsers in the way.

Thank you for reading.

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Beware of the dead end :bowser: rank, which I am. It takes a shitload of posts to get to the next rank.