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still disappointed there isn't a santa claus rank, he was by far the best mario character in the series

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Toadette said:
:drybow: Now, I’m a legend as well!
I once mentioned spamming posts in forum games in this thread.

That was an exaggeration, I didn't expect someone to actually do it.

Toadettefan's stats page

1867 (Counting)+1836 (Elimination)+238 (Forum Games)=3941
3941 (Total posts in Forum Games)/4058 (Total posts)=0.971 (when rounded down)

This means 97.1% of Toadettefan's posts are in Forum Games.

Toadettefan joined on the 21st February, that's 99 days ago.
4058/99 is ~41 (40.989898...)
3941/99 is ~40 (39.808080...)

This means Toadettefan has been posting ~41 posts everyday since she joined, ~40 of which are in Forum Games.

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It seems that not too long ago I hit the halfway point between Shine Sprite and Super Star.

Still proud to be a Shine Sprite though, Sunshine's a great game that needs more love.