Forum level up thread

Mister Apple

Not Mr. Apple
This may already exist, but post here when you 'forum level up' (for want of a better term).
For example, going from goomba to koopa troopa.
I'm a hammer bro now. Yay!


Artisanal Cheese Taster
does anyone actually focus on this though

i don't really pay attention to my post count and i definitely don't pay attention to other's either

Paper Ray Trace

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Trust me sis, it's not that cool.


Wiki Administrator
Apparently, I'm a King Bowser rank. I never actually look at my information very much. I'm a little less than a thousand experience points posts from Dry Bowser rank.

I wish it would actually say your rank on your profile rather than just on your forum posts.

You Watanabe

Koops, King of Cowards.

DUUUUDE! Man f**k the King Bowser rank I'm still something like 800 posts away! From Dry Bowser rank.

Btw don't mind those cringey posts my 13 years self made. And also, wow, I thought I already spent I year, but still need to wait a few days tho.


koops, you can view the number of posts in your show stats page. it's a lot more simple than scrolling through pages of your posts

You Watanabe

Koops, King of Cowards.
Yeah, but I'm used to that. Plus, it wasn't that hard, not like I scrolled for hours to get there. Thanks tho.


Donkey Kong
i dont care about my rank all that much, especially considering i have like 10,000 more posts to go before i get to the next one


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I stopped levelling up as a forum user when I class-changed into Awards Committee to get Galeforce.

You Watanabe

Koops, King of Cowards.
I said (bleep) the rank, of course I don't mean Bowser. And yes I needed to use that specific emoji that wasn't among the smileys.

Mister Apple

Not Mr. Apple
I suppose forum level ups happen more when you're new. I've got quite a few in however many weeks I've been here.

Paper Ray Trace

The flattest and most real Paper Mario character.
I've been stuck as a Donkey Kong for years and suffice to say, I didn't like it.