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Hondo Ohnaka

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Option 1 I guess, since I couldn't decide if I wanted more info on LM3 and SMM2 or a new Paper Mario. Honestly want both (asking too much most likely).


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I was going to saw option 2, but the only Mario game I'm looking forward to is LM3. Meanwhile, I super want a new Animal Crossing and the Pokemon game, plus I have been meaning to get into the Metroid franchise at some point.


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New poll!

Super Mario Maker 2 has recently had a new Direct, revealing several new features. Which one are you looking forward to the most?

1. Story Mode

2. Night versions of Themes

3. Dry Bones Shell

4. Online Versus Multiplayer

5. Online Co-op Multiplayer

6. Koopa Troopa Car

7. New bosses (Meowser/Pom Pom)

8. Improved Online Functionality

9. Other

10. I'm not interested in Super Mario Maker 2

Hondo Ohnaka

"You will pay for your i n s o l e n c e !"
Dry Bones Shell.
Not much else actually was that great looking (except for Story Mode, which I'm still kinda iffy on, and night mode). Also online has never and probably will never mean that much to me so eh.


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New poll!

What kind of licensed merchandise would you like to see Nintendo offer more of?

1. I'd like to see more clothing featuring Nintendo branding and properties.

2. I'd like to see more merchandise representing Nintendo's characters, like figurines and plushes.

3. I'd like a greater focus on merchandise which connects to Nintendo's games, like e-Reader cards and Amiibo.

4. I'd like to see a greater emphasis on digital products like artwork and music.

5. I'll buy any merchandise from Nintendo, and would like to see them offer more in general.

6. I'd prefer Nintendo focus on peripherals to their consoles, like new controllers, stands, and Labo products.

7. I'd rather Nintendo focus more on games and reduce the variety of merchandise they offer.

8. I have no interest in buying Nintendo merchandise and no opinion on what they offer

My picks are options 2 and 3.

King Dedede

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Option 4. The extreme infrequency of art book and soundtrack releases outside Japan is not acceptable. I'd buy an art book and soundtrack for my favorite games in a heartbeat.

I'd also be down for more amiibo, and it's a real shame they've cut down on releasing those.

Yoshi the SSM

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Option 5, but more along the lines of buying what I like if I do. I'm not really a merchandise kind of guy. But I do have some merchandise. So not hard core option 8. But, I don't want Nintendo to stop with the merchandise stuff. It is a thing outside of game, you know.


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Merchandising is not for me, since I do not generally get them these days since they tend to be on the pricey side. I am not completely ruling out any sort of merchandising, as I might get something if the interest and availability is there. On the other hand, the big thing I would like to see from them is either an animated series or a comic book series (outside Super Mario-kun), especially as far as Mario is concerned.

None of the options really describe what I would want, so I am going to go for Option 6, whereby they focus on peripherals.

Thank you for reading.

Princess Mario

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Option 2. I get more Mario figs, more plushies of Mario characters isn't a bad thing, and bootleggers can continue to get more opportunities to half-ass toys so I can laugh or be terrified at them.


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I just want a merchandise line for subseries like Mario & Luigi, like actual quality figures and whatnot, not just some accessories with artwork printed on them. The BIS styluses were closer to what I want, but I want something like the World of Nintendo figures. Make it limited run, do whatever you gotta do, all I need is for it to exist and I'll make the rest work somehow.

If I can get an official plushie or standalone figure of Fawful my life will officially complete. I suppose this falls under option 2. But some official clothing would be nice too.

Hondo Ohnaka

"You will pay for your i n s o l e n c e !"
Option 4. It's sad that they don't usually release their soundtracks outside of Japan. Also, I'm just a big fan of great artwork.

Sheldon Cooper

The third option. I want to see more Amiibo like Solaire. C'mon Nintendo, we need a Lara Croft Amiibo for the Resident Evil games on the Switch.