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Spectacular Finale is a great song, and definitely my favorite part of Sticker Star's OST, but it's a shame you hardly get to hear it during the fight.

It plays during the final phase when
Kersti sacrifices herself
and lets you use 5 stickers per turn.

At this point in the fight I just used the boom box, then spammed the hell out of Thing stickers, all of which interrupted the music. They should've made it so the song would play over everything else, just for this moment.
do you ever think about how many mario fan brothers and sisters exist on the internet and how hard that had to have been on mama mario. like damn there are hundreds of them what was she constantly having triplets or something.
you think it was hard for mama mario? what about the storks??
IDC what they do with most spinoff characters anymore but the idea of having a (morally good, so not Kamek) mage in the main/recurring cast is still dope to me. Free Merlon. (Toadsworth too. Gotta respect our elders).
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Played through some Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. The more I play through it, the more I think the game's a bit of a mess and its level design is all over the place. While fresh on my mind, the level named What's Gusty Taste Like? is barely about platforming through Gustys or using them to do anything at all, instead only being through the first section where they throw these enemies at you willy nilly (most of the time you're inside the cave part of the level; level should be named Break the Dirt with Eggs instead, also a fun way to randomly hide Winged Clouds in there so you have to break through all dirt patches you see for that very tedious 100% completion). It has a short and pointless Superstar Mario section that I felt they threw in there only because they felt like it and a small Mole Tank section that, doing the puzzle as they "intended" gives you only a key that lets you access a shitty completely optional minigame.

A lot of levels in the game are like this, where they just throw a bunch of level ideas, not really being about the level's namesake at all (the level before, Baseball Boys, is more about Little Mousers than it is about Baseball Boys) at you while barley doing anything with them. I really do prefer the focused approach in later games of "introduce one or two level elements, base level around solving puzzles or platforming challenges with that said level element" than throw a bunch of stuff and see what sticks. Honestly, I don't really mind if something like the Mole Tank is used in only a few levels but the levels are designed around them rather than them just throwing a short and pointless Mole Tank section scattered throughout the game just because "hey we have mole tank why not use it just to obstruct the player with a brainless puzzle before you proceed through the level".

EDIT: In Watch Out for Lakitu after painstakingly backtracking through the level to try to find a single missing red coin while also painstakingly replenishing my star count by farming for red eggs for a max star after just being ambushed out of nowhere by a Bandit and seeing terrible Super FX chip effects, I'm done.

Bigger Boo's Fort is a fun level, but out of the first five levels of World 2, yeah every where else I just wanted to put down the game and play something else.
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I really hope Nintendo ports Mario Galaxy 2, Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario Color Splash to the Switch, but I don't think they will.
I will predict that King Ka-Thunk's name will be brought up in this forum less than five times this year, and most posts that acknowledge his existence will be from me.

King Ka-Thunk had only one post acknowledging his existence in 2022, and that one post was exclusively from me.

This is an annual post of mine regarding King Ka-Thunk's legacy to the overall Mario franchise that I have to bring him up at least once in a yearly basis.
This is an annual post of mine regarding King Ka-Thunk's legacy to the overall Mario franchise that I have to bring him up at least once in a yearly basis.
He was kind of an interesting take on the Whomp archetype mixed with the concept of a sliding puzzle. It was always a little unsettling to me that his design included a lump of apparently bandaged flesh on his backside that you had to stomp.
I wonder if "Kung Fu Peach" was intended as a slight pun of Kung Fu Panda. I know probably not but that it's another "Kung Fu P-" name interests me, as it could have been "Martial Artist Peach" or something like that
eh, seems like a big reach to me, it would've been much more apparent if it was intentional like our lord and saviour kung fu lakitu