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I'm really enjoying Mario Kart 64 a lot more than I used to thanks to NSO expansion pack. Playing the game online with a buddy really ups the fun factor. Once you get used to the controls and learn to drift properly, I find that the gameplay is very fun. Driving and charging mini-turbos feels more skill-based compared to like Mario Kart 8 where charging mini-turbos doesn't really take skill. Also, it feels like items play less of a factor in who wins the race. When you lose a race, it's because you made a mistake on the track and not because of item BS like getting Blue Shelled before the finish line.

Yes, the game has a lot of flaws such as:

•Wonky physics
•Insane rubberband AI
•Lakitu takes forever to pick you up from a fall compared to later games, that's something that I do appreciate from MK8
•Item distribution is kind of whack, you can get the most powerful items in 2nd...

But I'm still having fun! The race tracks are also well designed and probably some of the most fun in the series. I LOVE the Star Cup and Special Cup, but I do see the twins' point in how Yoshi Valley can be terrible because of how long it takes to recover from a fall...

I also am a fan of the game's broken shortcuts, like skipping half of Wario Stadium, skipping the hairpin turn on Yoshi Valley, and the Rainbow Road shortcut. The shortcuts from the most recent games are so boring, they're all just use a Mushroom to cut across off-road...

The newer games feel like Mario Party, which is a series that I'm not a fan of because of how luck-based the games are.

(Man, I never thought that I would like or praise Mario Kart 64...)
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It's one thing to have poison mushrooms in Lost Levels, but it's totally an another thing to not only have hidden blocks in the worst possible spots, but also have poison mushrooms in those as well.


Always remembering Walkazo
In Mario Strikers Charged, the team captains had emblems unique to their usual ones. What do you think the new playable characters in Battle League could have had if they did this too? Or heck, your OCs if you want.