Nintendo Direct Thread (Do NOT post here unless one is announced)

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Glad they brought back Chocobo Racing, I was really looking forward to the 3ds version only for that to disappear
Also, since Shirma is apparently the White Mage in Square's Mario Sports games, this game is now directly connected to Mario


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The Nintendo 64 being announced is pretty expected, but Genesis being announced is unexpected since there's already a Genesis release with several games inside it. The higher tier pricing is probably justified for those consoles since the Nintendo 64 has better multiplayer experiences due to having 4 player games, and the Genesis being a non-Nintendo console. Game Boy was expected but it isn't there, so it's likely that it's not part of the higher tier that will be announced later.

The Nintendo 64 game selection is decent, with a mix of classics and never-before-seen games. I like that we get Banjo-Kazooie and Dr. Mario 64, which are games that are never available before.

Mario Party Superstars is looking great, but it would benefit from more boards since it's a game designed with the idea of past boards, so I hope there's more down the line, probably in DLC (preferably for free).

Thank you for reading.

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The casting for the Illumination movie alone makes this direct way more worthwhile than the others.

Kirby 3D platformer is lit as hell! I saw leaked art of it before the direct and I was like "wouldn't it be great if Kirby was a 3D platformer?" and, well, turns out that my want came true! Doesn't happen too often. I really like the new direction it's taking, especially after the milquetoast and predictable Kirby Star Allies. I was really concerned that the Kirby series was going on autopilot and would become what New Super Mario Bros. was.

More Mario Party Superstars information is nice, just still wish Toadette was playable. But again I probably won't be playing this with my sister anyway, given our distance and distaste for Nintendo Switch Online. Speaking of which, the Nintendo Switch Online having a "premium" subscription tier with a lame, predictable line-up of N64 games is the most laughably wretched part of the direct and that's totally on par for course concerning Nintendo's pathetic online offers.

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I just can't wait for the new Kirby game. It's his first time going into 3D, and it sure looks amazing! Yeah, I liked Star Allies, but it was very short and the post-game modes were either too difficult or too repetitive to keep me playing. Let's hope this game is a great one!

N64 and Genesis games are finally coming to Switch…but they're charging more money for them?! At least we're getting Paper Mario, Mario 64, and Banjo Kazooie, but this just makes NSO even more costly than it already was.

I'm still going to get Mario Party Superstars, since I haven't played as Birdo in a long time. She'll probably be the character that I'll use the most.

The casting for the Mario Movie looks terrible…seems like my hopes for this are going down the drain. I don't care how notable these people (minus Peach's and Spike's voice actors) are. Bring back Sam Kelly, Kenny James, Charles Martinet, Takashi Nagasako, and Atsushi Masaki. I don't care if these people are not notable outside of the games. These are the Mario voices we know and love. And some people can't live without them.

(Side note: Toad being voiced by a boy for the first time since 1997 is weird. I guess I'm just very used to Jen Taylor and Sam Kelly doing his voice for the longest time)
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I was expecting a Nintendo direct sooner or later but I never expected it to be this soon and sudden. There are a few things I'd like to see, but now that I've got info on Legends Arceus it's not as much as it was before.
There has not been a Nintendo Direct announced right now. Please do not say things that are not true.


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Considering how indie games are mostly what I get these days beyond the Nintendo stuff, I'm always down for an indie showcase.

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Koizumi: "Fans of the Donkey Kong franchise may have noticed these past years have been quite light on new Donkey Kong content. We acknowledge Donkey Kong as one of our longest-running franchises and believe we ought to show it the respect it deserves. We've come prepared with a little... surprise for you. Please take a look..."

Diddy Kong (Party Animal) coming to Mario Kart Tour! For only $19.99, you can additionally get the in-game Gold Rambi Rider kart!

"So... What do you think so far? 😏"


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Out of the games that have already been announced, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is the only one I've taken interest in. I'm hoping tomorrow to get the release date for that, especially since Nintendo and Ubisoft haven't said anything about it since E3 apart from that it's coming out this year. Of course, it would also be nice if any new games to look foward to get announced as well, such as a new mainline Super Mario game which we haven't (technically) had since Odyssey back in 2017.

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I'm actually not interested in any upcoming Nintendo games at the moment, so I'm hoping there's something for me to get excited for tomorrow.
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I hope they announce Mario Kart 9. My hopes for a long time were Mario Kart 9 and a 3D Kirby platformer, and they did do the latter, so the former would be great.


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Ah yes, can't wait for my favourite announcements, the Oscar winners.

Also a new Mario or DK platformer but I won't be surprised if they're saving the former (and Mario Kart if there is one) for E3.
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General hopes and/or expectations
-BotW2 full reveal, or at LEAST a title drop and a confirmation of a holiday 2022 release window
-New Splatoon 3 trailer that'll showcase the story mode and make us all go "wow, cool!"
-One last Kirby teaser
-Ace Attorney 7 (real (no doubt about it (this one's certainly happening folks)))
-The first look at a new Donkey Kong title
-Metroid Prime 4 teaser that will be another ten seconds and it'll be ten seconds enough
-Some sort of surprise smaller title, like a new Panel de Pon or Mole Mania, that'll leave the respective fans of the previous games in glee

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A new trailer for Sparks of Hope would be awesome, really hope it doesn't get delayed to 2023. It's also been a while since Mario Odyssey, so I think we could see a new 3D Mario game revealed. Mario Kart 9 would be cool but I'm doubtful.

And this isn't Nintendo, but Atlus still has to reveal the Persona announcement for February, so they could drop it in the direct. Personally I would hope for a Persona 1 or 2 port, but it's probably gonna be Persona 4.


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Some of these are predictions and some of these are hopes.

Super Mario Movie Teaser (Prediction)
Breath of the Wild 2 Trailer (Hope AND prediction)
Mario Kart 9 (Hope)
New Ace Attorney (Hope)
New Donkey Kong game (Hope)
Another highly popular M rated title that their previous consoles couldn’t support (Prediction)

Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer (Prediction)
New Mario and Luigi title (Hope)


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My two biggest hopes are:
  1. Mario Party Superstars DLC. This game grew so fast in a short span of time, so I hope this means an opportunity to expand the game with new content.
  2. New Dr. Mario game. Not much Mario games have been announced so far, but hopefully there's another Mario game to be shown. I pick Dr. Mario because that series didn't see a release on the Switch so far. I hope that it is a more ambitious title because the past several titles were rather safe in their approach, with the exception of Dr. Mario World.
It would be nice to have Splatoon 3 ready for showing, and hopefully with the release window zoomed in.

Thank you for reading.