Nintendo Direct Thread (Do NOT post here unless one is announced)


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I already gone through Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, so I think the Definitive Edition is not for me. There are some things that seems like more noteworthy announcements to me:
- Future Connected (Xenoblade), if it is a standalone, would be a decent pick, assuming it's a page taken from what Xenoblade 2 did: release a standalone connected game.
- ARMS getting playable Smash representation. It's due time, I must say, and it goes a long way in sticking the IP in the minds of Nintendo fans who only think playable Smash characters only matter.
- Good Job! the game, which is a nice feather to add to Nintendo's abundant cap of new IPs, after they made The Stretchers.
- Bravely II getting a demo, and graphically it's looking very fancy with that nice picturesque look similar to the 3DS games.
- Mr. Driller: Drill Land getting a port, which is foreshadowed when the trademark was found. I kind of wished they have more playable characters though...
- Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics being a Nintendo game, because that sort of game sounds more like the cheaper game that is more likely for a 3rd party to make. Also, I learned that it's technically a port of an existing DS game.
- Ninjala looks nice, although not sure if I will still be interested in it by the time that game releases (27th May)

EDIT: Unless I am missing something, no Wii U ports (for previously-unannounced games at least) are found this time around. Hooray!

Thank you for reading.
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bravely default II's demo was the main announcement that got me

it's pretty good! surprisingly short but that's not bad, it's more a tech demo. i AM glad that they're going to survey for feedback because it's missing a lot of the quality of life features from default and second (apparently it's a new game) and i am definitely going to say "please add those back, thank you"

also the new asterisk theme will need some time to grow on me but hey so did second's


There is a few announcements in the Japan direct, most noticeably, a classic Namco collection that included Gamefreak's first game, Quinty/Mendal Palace
I haven't played the first one, but Clubhouse Games, butI might pick it up to have something simple enough for my nephews to play and not having to pretend to lose
There is already Mad Hoes regarding ARMS, I really can't get those who hate the game far enough to barge in to happy fans excitement, jerks.
I love ARMS, I signed up for the online open to have some fun matches and Min-Min will be my theme next month
Mr. Driller is already a game I love, I hope Namco keeps focussing on it's own IPs instead of a ton of anime arena fighters, the title in the Japan Direct confirms it is the Encore title trademark, hope to see Splatterhouse and especially Klonoa soon
Going to sign up for Ninjala, for sure
Nothing against the games themselves, but I hate 2K as a corporation more than others
I also am not getting the transaphobia mess of Full Body

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I'm kinda disappointed that after all this time there's only a mini direct, but whatever, that's okay. The only things I'm interested in this time around are Good Job! (looks like it could be a really fun game if there's plenty of levels) and...wait, that may have been it. Not exactly a good Direct imo.