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Bowser has the eyes of Blossom, the Powerpuff girl. He looks embarrassed for being in the photo. Those big gentle eyes, the hand covering the cheek, you don't get anything else than a squeaky "oopsie".

You can see the manufacturers perfectly captured the notion of Yoshi's slowly deflating nose. You can even hear the noise. Pfffffffft. And Mario's perfectly placed too, like he's baffled that Yoshi's nose is inflatable the entire time. Luigi's also wondering where that noise is coming from and why are they standing on an NES cartridge?

We've seen Toad the friendly decompressed blobfish before but not at an angle where it looks like he has a layer of strawberry cake for a hat.

And last, but not least, Peach, who believes the every floor she stands on it is super dirty, so she's preventing her dress from being just like the floor.

Oh also I have an abomination to provide too, don't worry about that


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Reminder of those wacky Piranha Plants from MK64

Though I had a dream last night where they looked even weirder, more like
(poor attempt at recreation, think my mind based it off the Titan Arum)
Also, now I can say from experience that a dream where you're in a Mario Kart tournament against (among others) LGM and BLOF, it's probably not going to be a good dream. If you wanted to win, anyway.

Paper Mario the First

He is the one and only....
Any Mario Kart nightmare involving us will probably look like this... and you're a CPU player. Wario. Check the map.

Or maybe this textured-nightmare that one friend told me reminded him of the Repainted videos on YouTube.

Or maybe this nightmare but I think that's more of being on drugs.
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Paper Mario the First

He is the one and only....
I regret to inform you that we don't have Yoshi Valley custom race track nor do I even remember where the modded files for Mario Kart Wii so we can't retake a video. Those videos are from 2013. :/

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I watched this video of Scott the Woz opening Mario Sports Superstars amiibo cards, and now I must share the poorly photoshopped renders.

The horse riding ones are very good examples. There's no horse riding artwork for most of these characters, so they often put a characters artwork in front of a render of a horse and called it a day.

Others they just didn't even try. The babies are especially guilty of this.

Here's the article on the wiki if you want appreciate how little they tried even more.

Paper Mario the First

He is the one and only....
Bowser is supposed to be breakdancing for that soccer one.

In-game has its own set of cards iirc and those had far more effort put into them.

And some cards don't look that bad such as the Metal characters that don't have artwork to recycle so they actually made new better ones.

You haven't even shared Peach playing volleyball
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Actually, the babies did try for the other sports not mentioned, they actually used original renders since not enough stock artwork exists for the rest of the sports, giving a much better result, even if the model itself is lower quality.

And then you got the in-game "normal" cards which look miles better since they used in-game images for them and they fit a lot better than stock artwork mashed together.

The "rare" cards are just reused amiibo cards artwork but the super-rare are at least nice too.


Paper Ray Trace

You Can Tick Off Birds If You Follow My Advice
Probably because Bowser is supposed to be breakdancing. It's his new goalie tactic but it has failed against the awkward Luigi artwork pasted on the background. I think that soccer card is the only card where another playable captain appears in the background?

Bowser has generally done dirty.

I think this one is his worst card.


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There isn't nearly enough spikes on that horse.

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I want a stand-alone horse racing installment for Glue Man's almighty return.


Mhm, good good.
Lmfao it's so bad, I thought Bowser was glued to the horse rather than being behind it.

Also he looks so HD while the windmill background is all pixelated.