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XBox original had so few exclusives (I mean, what, Shrek?) and misc features I honestly wonder why they bothered to make it. Or why anyone bothered to buy it.
Halo. Plus it had some of the earliest PC-to-console games that could actually stack up to their PC counterparts.

Doc von Schmeltwick

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I'm fully joking. I dislike the genre due to the "First Person" being inaccurate (no peripheral vision, so it only makes sense when you have a character whose peripherial vision is impaired by a helmet (Master Chief's visor goes around far enough it wouldn't count)), but I'm not going to use my opinion as a definitive statement on the genre's quality. I did like Portal and made an IM Meen-inspired fps game level for game development class this semester.


The idiot who puts things in the wrong board.
Apart from the face those aren't too bad to be honest.

Paper Mario the First

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Mario could've looked so much better if he didn't attach those prosthetic nostrils to his nose and if the lips didn't just weirdly wrap around the front and right side of his face.