What's the above user's best quote?

WATER you waiting for!?
You're going to have to DRY harder!
Not before I RAIN on your parade!
I'm going to LAND on you if you don't shut up!
HA! Looks like you didn't SEA that coming.
You have no GROUNDS to say that!
A mass uprising of sinks is not an overflowing plumbing problem, but a huge event I call an insinkurrection.

Let that sink in. That should be the natural inst-sink.
I think people are tired of my sink jokes.
I've faucet down their throats and robinet in their face.
I bet Nintendo was dripping with envy when dataminers leaked everything and strained their servers.

Let that sink in.
Sink puns are the best.

And if you don't believe me, you're clearly biased against the wit dis-spray-ed by LGM (and me on o-strain-sion) and you need to turn off of your disbe-leak.
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Magolor04726 said:
Nintendo: Pre-order Kirby and the Forgotten Land!
Me: Wayyyyy ahead of you.
I'm not buying any Switch games anytime soon because I want to focus on the ones I have, but yeah Forgotten Land looks like it could easily be the best Switch game of 2022.
Las NIC said:
Adult cartoons/sitcoms are way less funny than children's cartoons/sitcoms. There's hardly variety in Adult because its mostly s*x s*x racism (AraB tErRrOriidt!) or stupid crap like that. Although there is a decent amount of gross out humor in children's shows, THERE'S MORE VARIETY
My dad was lecturing me. Yelling at me. In a flippin' Mario voice. why?

probably arguing about politics
Fun fact: Do you know Olimar and the lovable Pikmin creatures make an appearance in every story ever? They're just so small you can't see them
Pebbles Flintstone said:
What do you call the King of the stoners? Your highness