What's the above user's best quote?

Get the Xbox 360 Cereal if you REALLY want to smell like an Xbox! Flavored in GREEN XBOX with zero sugar and pepperoni, this is the best cereal for Gaymers!
Who wins? The Flash, Quicksilver, Sonic, Shadow, Superman, all the F-Zero machines, Speed Racer, Dash, Roadrunner, Speedy Gonzalez and MKWii Funky Kong vs a tortoise that is the star of this story that teaches a moral?
I've seen some intelligence-related insults online involving "missing chromosones". Don't do this. It's ableist as hell!
I know this being more recent is common this thread nowadays but yeah ableism is really horrible; sometimes people can't help what they struggle with
It's raining again, what the heck Earth Wind and Fire? What happened to "Never a cloudy day"?
Holly Jolly Meowkie said:
This just in, Sony's Zelda movie canceled after it turns out Nintendo offered the deal to Phillips Pictures behind their back, John Sony has been quoted saying "We'll make our own Zelda movie with blackjack and hookers!"
wully mammoth said:
They still are small enough to fit in your pocket... with ✨Xbox Game Pass✨, you can play Xbox games anywhere, on your ✨Smart Phone✨