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That old DK's whole torso looks like a fidget spinner tbh

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Toad's first and last name is Toad so, just like Mario and Luigi. Something.

You might think Toadette is unlucky with her first name, but Toad naming schemes are notoriously uncreative or lame. Look at Toadsworth. Blue Toad's name is literally Blue Toad. Ditto Yellow Toad. Tayce T, Trini T, Faetalitt T., Zest T. Who names their kids that? Only Toads.


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The generic magikoopa emenies we see in the Mario games are all clones created and summoned by Kamek as a way for him to assist Bowser without actually doing so, as his increasing age made it harder for him to do so himself, which is why he and they all look identical bar different colored outfits.

I mean, he can already summon clones in several of his boss fights, so why not take it to the logical extreme?
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That's an interesting way to reverse the usual "Magikoopa's a species and this 'Kamek' isn't really an individual" as seen in European games.


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Played some good Punch-Out yesterday, thought about how Mario was a referee that one time, thought about some fanfic I was reading recently, and it reminded me to share my newest headcanon, which I wish I thought of fully on my own. Punch-Out and Super Mario Bros exist in the same universe.

Not only that, but since Lil Mac's also a New York native just as I imagine the Mario Bros are (though instead of being from Brooklyn, Lil Mac comes straight from the Bronx), I headcanon that Mario and Luigi met Little Mac early in their lives before they became Mushroom Kingdom heroes. At the time, Mac was still an amateur and hadn't gone pro yet. He immediately became one of the Bro's earliest and closest pals, and they often sparred with him before he found Doc Louis. They attended all his early matches, and Mario stepped in for the referee for just one match when the normal referee fell ill. While they don't see each other often anymore because of the adventures, the Bros still consider Mac one of the most important people of their early lives.
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In-universe Mario characters don't age the way we do. In fact, Mario was born an adult who later became a baby and then back to an adult again. Truly, they age by graphics. As seen in Super Mario Sunshine, when Fludd was showing Mario's past, he was once 8bit, and then 64bit, and so on.

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I think Mario characters age by voice. Mario has also aged backward because he was first balding and middle aged, and then he was in his mid 20s and full of hair, and now his voice is sounding aged.


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Speaking of age, Rosalina, ever since she became the emo space princess she is now, doesn't age. Like, at all. Biologically, she's still (insert Rosalina's age here), while literally, she's older than the galaxy itself.


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Pretty sure thats an official thing and not a headcanon.

Anime Luigi

I'm on a phone so I cant make a huge list of all my Gooigi headcanons so have a very obvious reason why Luigi can't have the Super Crown

I believe that around 50% of the population in the Mushroom Kingdom will fully transform into a Peach figure, mainly Toads. But the other 50% will have things remaining from their original body. Take Bowsette, her tail, horns, and shell come from her original body. So when Luigi puts on the Super Crown he becomes an intersexual character. Mario also became an intersexual character but we don't talk about that.

Also I believe Boosette never had anything from her original body (besides the fact that she's a ghost but it makes sense) so Boos can also turn completely into a Peach figure.


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You don't need a headcanon about the super crown since it's description flat out says only Toadette can use it.


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If the guys who can use first time power ups like they've been using them for years after just getting them can't use it, I doubt anyone else can.


hey rayman were in minecraft
peteys gender physically is either none or.. both, but mentally. he doesnt care. hes got like 2 brain cells he doesnt know the concept of gender! he wont care whether you call him a he or a she or wahtever
i think this is a consistent enough way to represent the fact that his gender in various regions is all over the place
now that lead me to thinking up another headcanon. get ready for more speculative biology!
piranha plants are sort of reptiles mimicking plants but theyre also the weirdest reptiles youll ever see . they reproduce asexually and also have like, no sexes. i couldnt find it but theres a species of lizard that have three sexes(female, more agressive male and male that disguises as the females) so this isnt that weird actually. their reproduction is sorta like plants if thats possible. anyway im not sure if piranha plants are also capable of photosynthesis or not; i know some cells can eat(?) algae and keep them safe while they provide the cell with nutrients, but im not sure if its possible with fairly large land animals?