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Wheatley said:
jooooiiiiinn usssssss....joooiiiinnn the beeeeaaaardddyyyyy booooiiiiisss
I’m planing on having a Tony Stark beard.

So I will join you someday


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I took some images during my 3 day trip to Stockholm last Sunday until today.

Image 1: When I arrived in Stockholm on Sunday afternoon, I noticed this sign on the building I exited from
Image 2: Lunch aboard a sightseeing boat on Monday
Image 3: Exterior shot of the Swedish Royal Family's Castle, this is the garden
Image 4: Inside a glassmith's workshop at Skansen, an open-air museum and zoo that I visited today. These featured works were up for sale, though I didn't buy any, or try blowing glass myself
Image 5: A peacock taking shelter from the rain
Image 6: An upclose shot of a moose
Image 7: A Shetland Pony. I tried to get close to it and pet it on the head, but it didn't feel like it
Image 8: Various jellyfish inside the aquarium. The one closest to the camera was only about 3 inches in diameter
Image 9: A baboon scratching the ground in search of food
Image 10: A crocodile inside the reptile terrarium
Image 11: A Blue Poison Dart Frog, hiding behind some vegetation
Image 12: Some kind of tropical fish I don't quite remember the name of, but I thought it looked pretty
Image 13: Another tropical fish
Image 14: The skull of a gharial being put on display. The back sign reads "Worlds most dangerous maneaters"

While I was at Skansen, I also petted a large snake and a tarantula, neither were that intimidating

Moldo With a Background

(Mole-dome-ray). Emphasis on "dome" despite the é. we go. My face. Spoilered if you don't wanna see it (I'd understand if you don't :P). Also sorry for the bad quality, my internet is too bad to load it completely.

I'll just shamelessly insert J's art thread staple at the end here:
J-Yoshi64 said:
Any questions, comments, critiques, concerns, snide remarks? :P

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you look so adorable!

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you look like a guy who'd be like two feet taller than me


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So, Moldo, I gotta say... HO HO.

You look nice. Expected you to look maybe a bit younger, but you really pretty good.

Sailor Mario

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My brother and I got to meet Arlo in Nashville today! We got leftover Arlopalooza T-shirts, his signature on my copy of Mario Odyssey, and even some fur that fell off of him! It was a fun time! Here are some pics (join my Patreon for the unLuigified version):



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I've been looking towards Arlopalooza for a while now, I hope I get the chance to go someday. That's really freaking cool 64DD