Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Wasn't what I was expecting, but I actually prefer DK Mountain to Dino Dino Jungle.
Well, when you think it over, when you look back at Mario Kart 7, there really isn't any real penalty for taking the off-road shortcut without a speed boost, all thanks to the glider ramp.
I do not own Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but I was very happy to watch this trailer because I always thought MKWii's Rainbow Road has a phenomenal music track (easily the best in the series imo), and I was overjoyed to finally hear it officially remastered
I think it's a bit fishy that there's gonna be two character slots off the rest of the roster, and that there isn't any new gimmick, like how Wave 3 added custom items, unless they haven't revealed something... oh well, it's a week away, I'll get to see soon
We also get new Mii Suits and a music player! (Hopefully we can switch to retro music like in CTR)
Where'd you get that info from? Because that sounds really cool!
I'm actually more impressed by the houses in the background particularly the rooftop
Not gonna lie, I got a bit emotional when I finished all of the tracks. This Mario Kart game that I've played for 7+ years since the Wii U days has finally come to a close.

Also, I'm happy they made separate credits for the Booster Course Pass. I like how they incorporated Super Mario Kart's credits theme into it, it kinda makes it come full circle.
now Nintendo legally has to make Mario Kart 9 or else
thinks about what I just said
they will just make Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Deluxe instead
(Full disclosure: I currently only have hands-on experience with Tour's city courses through their original game, although I've watched a good number of gameplay videos of their MK8D renditions and I doubt my feelings henceforth would change if I were to actually play them myself.)

The disdain I see for Tour's city tracks, particularly regarding the fact that they're so "generic" and "same-y" is funny to me because, like... a lot of them exhibit a similar degree of gameplay variety to many, many courses from console Mario Karts. Only a few of them, like Tokyo Blur and Paris Promenade, really actually don't have a lot of action going, and yet it's precisely this quality that enables them to work so well as introductory courses, a role they embodied in both MK8 and Tour. I'm not saying the city courses are The Most Fun(tm) of the bunch, but most have enough turns, obstacles, and other such gameplay features that would earn them a place among the "interesting" courses.

Daisy Circuit and Moonview Highway are also urban-themed and I bet they wouldn't be nearly as popular if they were the exact same but called something like "Ibiza Pier" and "San Francisco Highway", because apparently a direct, explicit relation to the real world equals "mediocre".
I really like the cultural themes of the tracks (though we need more representation from nonWestern European countries RIP a track based on Slavic cultures) and I love it when Nintendo references real life cultures. Los Angeles Laps especially reminds me of someplace close to where I live, so I have quite the fondness for it. However, something like London Loop feels like it leaves a lot to be desired, and I like to compare it with Cars 2's take on London, which IMO is a much funner track with so much more going on in it (Cars 2 has trains approaching you at high speeds, a better park area, and a bustling traffic of London buses)

I dunno it just feels weird to me that the king of the kart racing genre (that sold 60 million copies) has a worse London track than the movie licensed Mario Kart clone.
It was a wild ride while it lasted, but much like with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has reached the end of the road with its DLC. I was disappointed that some of my favorite courses didn't make the cut in the Booster Course Pass, but perhaps the next planned installment might bring them back.

Anyway, my biggest gripe with what I've seen is still pretty much the stat distribution for the characters and vehicle parts, along with the lack of consistency with what the Invincibility stat's trend is supposed to be. If it was up to me, I would've done a stat overhaul.


Vehicle Parts


Traction (off-road)

give the dire handling of most bcp tracks, the tracks that didn't make it in the bcp actually dodged a bullet imo
It definitely makes you wonder what would've happened if N64 Bowser's Castle was ever available in Mario Kart Tour. It probably would've gotten in over SNES Bowser Castle 3 in the final Booster Course Pass wave.

But now that the pass is complete, all that we can really do is move forward.
i've been playing a few courses almost each day for the past several weeks and i find myself turning a lot to Athens Dash, Rome Avanti, and Madrid Drive. it's probably a mixture of my bias towards South Europe and these courses being genuinely great (despite me criticizing Athens Dash's graphics in the past). none of them are quite like Wild Woods but they do hit the spot for the most part.