Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

I hope I'm explaining this as well as I can, it is nice to have someone who knows the files in the game around, Kamek is the first time I've ever noticed it.
Now the real question is, is Birdo's model also from Tour, made from scratch, or repurposed a Switch model.

Well the answer is that Birdo's model is from Tour (if not from another game) the texture layout is identical


Wave 6 predictions

Acorn Cup:

Tour Rome Avanti
SNES Vanilla Lake (1 or 2, I forget which is in Tour)
GCN Dino Dino Jungle
Piranha Plant Pipeline

Spiny Cup

Tour *city*
Piranha Plant Cove
GCN Bowser's Castle
Wii Rainbow Road
The SNES track is likely SNES Bowser Castle 3 since it looks like it was built with anti-gravity in mind when added to Tour.
I want Dry Dry Ruins the most if I want a track from Wii.
If Mario Kart Tour ever plans to add N64 Bowser's Castle, it would be an interesting course to see in the Spiny Cup.
athens tour genuinely feels like a custom tracks with how poorly they convey what's up ahead how is this a real official course
i wasn't even in elementary school when i visited athens with my parents, but one of my clearest and most cherished memories from that trip were the low-poly buildings and trees dotting the surroundings of the ancient sites

this week i took a trip down memory lane with the newest Athens Dash course in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe -- Booster Course Pass DLC for the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game on the Nintendo Switch family of systems (available now for only €24.99!). i was absolutely flabbergasted and moved to tears to see this course honour my childhood memories with such a high level of fidelity.

Tour Athens Dash [150cc] - 1 39.943 - Ziline (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe World Record) - YouTube - 0...jpeg
Looks like even the quiet and secluded downtown from Wet Dry World went above and beyond to protest, in politically unstable Athens, the dilapidated, impoverished, rotting, texture-bleached state of Booster Pass tracks especially compared to the luxurious, beautifully maintained, and tourist centerpiece of the Mario Kart 8 base game tracks.
Does anyone else feel that Vancouver Velocity's final lap BGM sounds off with its pitch level? This is what it sounded like in Mario Kart Tour...
Mario Kart Tour's final lap themes are much higher pitched compared to the other Mario Kart games' final lap music.

In all games from Double Dash onwards, the music of the final lap themes is 1 semitone higher than the normal track themes. In Mario Kart Tour, final lap themes are +5 semitones.

That's a 25% raise in pitch level for Mario Kart Tour, and a 5% increase in the other games.
fruit as we know it is devolving into 64-era-who-knows-what, leading to confusion as to whether sneaky mushroom people are smuggling weapons into asia, with beginning an intercontinental war in mind, or if a building block company is paying people to replace valuable food with plastic, intensifying world hunger
Nah the devs didn't intend for it to be bombs.

They're likely oxygen tanks.

Finally got to try out the new tracks. I haven't played my Switch in over a week because of my depression and things going on in real life...

But I've missed beating Daisy and Baby Daisy in races, so I decided to come back to this game and try out the new tracks. (Thankfully, the game put Daisy on the blue team in three of the four sets of races I did, with the last set of 6 races having both Daisy and Baby Daisy as rivals)

The retro tracks are my favorites from this wave because I am familiar with their layouts, and they are genuinely fun to play on.

Moonview Highway is the top, I've had a blast racing on this track. The second half of the track is especially fun with all the boost panels on the road. This track's music is also the GOAT.

Sunset Wilds was very fun and is my second favorite. I guess I wasn't too bothered by the sky not changing unlike the original track...It was still very fun to race on.

I hate to say it but Daisy Cruiser is pretty fun as well. I'm glad we finally got a remix of the Peach Beach music from Double Dash, which I honestly would've preferred that track returning instead.

Koopa Cape is also great. Great music and a lot of fun to race on.

Athens was alright, probably the least confusing out of the new/city tracks.

Los Angeles is a track that I wanted to like and I do feel sort of nostalgic for this track. But I got confused on where I'm supposed to go in the later laps, and they made the music worse by removing the vocals...

Squeaky Clean Sprint was alright, I might like it more once I get more used to its layout.

Never got the hype for Vancouver Velocity or its music either. It's just average....

As for the new characters, I'll go easy on Wiggler and not allow to her to be on the opposing team because she is very cute...Peter Piranha and Kamek are fine as rivals
Honestly, Vancouver Velocity's final lap BGM was what felt disappointing on my end, since it wasn't the 1.25x pitch increase that's used in the Mario Kart Tour version. In terms of characters, it still boggles my mind that Wiggler is categorized as a medium body frame character; that smaller size gives it an unfair advantage over all the other characters who share its stats, much like with Mario Kart 7's Metal Mario.
As for the new characters, I'll go easy on Wiggler and not allow to her to be on the opposing team because she is very cute...Peter Piranha and Kamek are fine as rivals
I was surprised you apparently treated Wiggler with indifference tbh when you talked about how the character picks being inferior to Birdo.
imma drop my spicy opinion here and say that, if a GCN course is to come with the last wave, i'd rather it be Dino Dino Jungle than DK Mountain (which many seem to predict or wish for*).
- DK Mountain is annoying to drive on owing to all the bumps and sharp turns. it also doesn't have much more beyond this.
- meanwhile, Dino Dino Jungle flows better and has a varied layout comprising the snaking bridges, the cavern with the water geysers, and of course our beloved Noshi, who I reeeaaaally want to see brought to 8 Deluxe

*for the time being, it's a toss-up between these two. the only GCN tracks left to be reused from Mario Kart Tour are these and Mushroom Bridge, which is a bit too simple to be among the last batch of courses + another urban-themed coursed had just been released
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