Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Someone please tell me if anyone was actually asking for yet another goddamn Mario Circuit. I know that I sure as hell wasn't and I got really pissed when I saw there was another one when that takes up a slot that could have gone to a track on my wish list. Give me Airship Fortress, Shy Guy Bazaar, Moonview Highway, and if they're feeling really brave, Wario Colosseum and I'll be happy. The fact that there's a fifth(?) Mario Circuit just has me irrationally angry.
"It's generic, but that's the charm!"
Hey, it's one of the better Mario Circuits and I always loved its music.
I guess there might have been high expectations for the supposedly last Mario Kart DS track, but I am very happy to see Mario Circuit (DS) returns because it's got a more complex layout and is one of the rare Star Cup Mario Circuit courses. Plus, those fire-spitting Piranha Plants are fantastic. That one video supposedly claimed that it "broke hearts" of the fans, but that is not my opinion (maybe unpopular one at that?) because Mario Circuit (DS) is awesome.

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Hey, it's one of the better Mario Circuits and I always loved its music.
I mean I don't hate its inclusion but Nintendo should be careful about not showering with circuit tracks.
which they unfortunately butchered in the remake with that sega genesis-wannabe synth

holy fuck that is absolutely butchered what the holy fuck is the matter with you whoever composed this music

like the main melody instrumentation is an awful obnoxious choice, it vastly overpowers the song. that brass could have been actual brass.
I like Mario Circuit's remix

but Riverside Park's remix is heavenly. My new favorite Mario Kart song!
This is honestly my favorite wave so far. They added my most wanted character and I have enjoyed playing as all of her different colors. Still very thankful for my new main. Also, the courses in this wave are the most fun courses yet. Even after playing on them repeatedly, I haven't gotten bored of them.

Yoshi's Island is my favorite track from Wave 4. The Obstacle Course music is just so good, and I love that this course has its own results music at the end of a race! It's so catchy and way better than the regular results music.

DS Mario Circuit is my second favorite. I've always enjoyed this track back in Mario Kart DS, and this Mario Circuit stands out to me for being a track in the Star Cup and not having a super basic layout like most Mario Circuits...

I love GBA Riverside Park and its remix, but I think I liked the original music better. Still a great track, though.

Singapore Speedway is fun and has great music.

I like racing on Amsterdam Drift, but not listening to its music. I don't like the male chorus singers...

DK Summit is fun and a blast to the past. I like feeling nostalgic for MKW since that's the game that made me a Mario Kart fan again.

Waluigi Stadium is fun, but I hate all of the tires that they've added to the track as obstacles. Also, aesthetically this track looks like literal poop which I guess is fitting for a Waluigi track...

I dislike Bangkok Rush, not because I think that it's a terrible track, but because in MKT this track introduced the character that I despise the most (that Thai dressed biatch).
This latest wave has been my fave yet too. All the courses are great and the balance changes they made makes playing online and just in general much more enjoyable and varied. No more lobbies with 7 Waluigi wigglers and rollers

kamek though View attachment 35843

he's finally playable in a mario kart title that doesn't require you to pray you get him

Yeah what do I think about Baby Luigi's kidnapper and primary reason Baby Luigi is under grief and misery in the Yoshi series?
Yeah what do I think about Baby Luigi's kidnapper and primary reason Baby Luigi is under grief and misery in the Yoshi series?
You wish he would live in the Underwhere for all eternity and be haunted with ten trillion stinky Warios as Kamek is forced to relive all his evil deeds?
Aka Battle Mode fuck yes I love Kamek playable, need another guy I can beat up.
So apparently, there is a brand new course coming to the Mario Kart franchise called "Squeaky Clean Sprint" which takes place in a bathroom, so that's neat.

Also, there are 3 new characters coming to the roster, those being Peter Piranha, Wiggler, and Kamek. Honestly, I was surprised Diddy Kong wasn't in the roster, but hey, whatever suits Nintendo's boat.
I'm still sad that we haven't gotten Wario Stadium(64). It's the only Mario Kart 64 track that hasn't return. What's the holdup?