Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Well... considering how many years it takes to make and launch a game, theoretically they could be working on one
Think we'll get a new Mario Kart title for the Switch, or does Booster Course Pass fulfill that purpose?
I know it's not what you have in mind for a new Mario Kart, but I guess Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is probably going to be the Switch's new Mario Kart game. While it's technically a new Mario Kart for the Switch, some people prefer to count it out because it's not a traditional Mario Kart title. There is a reason they decided to bolster Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with Booster Course Pass, after all.

If anything, we will very likely only see a new Mario Kart for the successor to the Nintendo Switch, and likely to be a year 1 (if not launch) title to give a sales boost to the succeeding console.

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kinda weird how they added so much yoshi's island fan service, yet didn't bother to change the crabs into clawdaddies. nice-looking course overall though, and wonderful to see birdo back!
I does ask the question on what the final two waves may offer us. Birdo's reveal was unexpected, seeing as the last new character we received was Champion's Tunic Link (who was merely a palette swap of Skyward Sword Link).
Look, I do adore the idea of a Yoshi's Island track and more tracks are always a great thing (esp. those based off existing properties), I truly do, but there's something about what I've seen in the screenshots that I don't like and I feel like it's a little bit underbaked for what I imagine a Yoshi's Island track to be like. I guess the most obvious thing to me and the first thing I noticed when I looked at the preview screenshots is that the bloom is ridiculously excessive, even more so by Mario Kart 8 standards. This causes the track to get this very washed out, foggy appearance that obscures a lot of details about it and it makes the presentation look like mush. Plus, the texture work is still very basic, I wanted a little bit more stylization to go into the textures that would stay true to the game it is based on. Like, I'd want a little bit more artistic crayon direction that makes Yoshi's Island stand out as a game. Not to mention, the Winged Cloud I see is a huge stylistic clash with the rest of the track, having this weird cel-shaded, opposite normal outline effect compared to everything else.

All those flaws you pointed out are probably big indicators that this course was made for Tour and simply added to 8 Deluxe first. >.>;
Now the real question is, is Birdo's model also from Tour, made from scratch, or repurposed a Switch model.
I can rip the model if you like, when the dlc gets released. Only way to confirm is to check the tour model and the 8 deluxe model.
Really looking forward to the addition of Birdo. This is probably the best thing to happen to the game next to the Custom Items setting. I've voiced my disappointment with this game's roster before, because despite the number of characters that there are, it really felt lacking in quality. But it seems that Nintendo has redeemed themselves now that they're finally adding Birdo, one of my top favorite characters in the series, probably second to Peach. Very thankful for this.

If we're getting more characters from Mario Kart Tour, then all I ask for is Dixie Kong and Peachette. That's all I need for this to be the perfect Mario Kart game, 10/10, and best Mario game ever.
Add in Diddy Kong and Funky Kong, and the entire Mario Kart Wii roster would be fully accounted for.
Add in 24 players and Item Rain if you want to account for CTGP as well.

Now that is a fanmade mod of course but it would be cool to see it in 8 Deluxe!

most of what's shown looks good, great even. gcn waluigi stadium and gba riverside park are highlights for me; they've really boosted the visuals in those. (hats off, the pass has had a good selection of gba tracks so far!) and i'm particularly excited to hear amsterdam drift's ost.


1. they had one slot left in the files for DS courses. fan-favourite Airship Fortress was already in Tour and i was ever so sure they'd go with it. and they chose Mario Circuit instead?...
2. wtf is that bangkok rush. the sunset sky was toned way the hell down, the buildings are pretty much just textureless asset-flipped objects, and the course overall seems so much less vivacious than its tour counterpart. yeah, the mobile version has it beat...
3. it's common sense to think that the courses in the pass have been pulled from/developed initially for tour, and touched up for better presentation. but damn, i wasn't expecting to see them port courses from Mario Kart Wii. (DK Snowboard Cross)
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I might as well guess what courses might be in the final two waves...
  • Feather Cup
    • Tour Vancouver Velocity
    • GCN Daisy Cruiser
    • GBA Bowser Castle 1
    • DS Airship Fortress
  • Cherry Cup
    • Tour Los Angeles Laps
    • Wii Koopa Cape
    • SNES Vanilla Lake 1
    • A new Mario Kart Tour course
  • Acorn Cup
    • A new Mario Kart Tour city course
    • 3DS Wario Shipyard
    • GBA Sunset Wilds
    • DS Rainbow Road
  • Spiny Cup
    • A new Mario Kart Tour city course
    • GCN Dino Dino Jungle
    • Tour Piranha Plant Cove
    • Wii Rainbow Road
You know, one does have to ask why some of the vehicle combinations that are shown on Nintendo's official videos are NEVER used by the CPU. For an example, the most recent Booster Course Pass trailer shows Bowser using the Badwagon + Monster combo, but he never uses that combo when he's CPU-controlled.
I was excited when I found out there would be five more characters introduced firsthand. Also the Yoshi's Island track is beautiful to look at, and I love the touch of what happens when my kart hits the flying question mark.
After seeing the stat buffs that those with a weight value below 8 have received, it's actually worth noting that only weight and traction can go down to 3/24 (0.75/6) for a minimum stat value. Also, mini-turbo can no longer go lower than 6/24 (1.5/6).
Someone please tell me if anyone was actually asking for yet another goddamn Mario Circuit. I know that I sure as hell wasn't and I got really pissed when I saw there was another one when that takes up a slot that could have gone to a track on my wish list. Give me Airship Fortress, Shy Guy Bazaar, Moonview Highway, and if they're feeling really brave, Wario Colosseum and I'll be happy. The fact that there's a fifth(?) Mario Circuit just has me irrationally angry.
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