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February 13, 2024's forum update has allowed us to have our own profile banners! Unfortunately, if the image is too big, it won't be seen entirely, but I came up with a solution!

Post your current profile banner here! If you ever change yours, post your newest one here.

Now, let's see some profile banners!

Here's mine (image Created by RabbitBordom on Reddit):
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Goombuigi - Banner.png

Here it is. I decided to use a simple background pattern, as I thought it looked the best, even while cropped or with text laid on top of it. It uses icons associated with 'Shroom sections that I've written. The nail represents Picross, the microphone represents Monthly Inquisition, the Super Hammer represents Super Mario Maker Showcase, and the NES Controller represents The Mariospective.

A digital version of my Girls of Nintendo project (and a few third party characters), featuring some of my most liked and respected video game characters.

And here is the real-life version:
Girls of Nintendo.png

It's a bunch of pictures that I glued onto a large poster board. But unfortunately the rows and columns are messy, unorganized, and uneven with the # of characters they have (this was fixed in the digital version).