If you have an account on the Mario Wiki, what made you join in the first place?


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Every user has a reason for joining the Mario Wiki, whether it be because their favorite game didn't have much information, they are a huge fan of Mario in general or if they wanted to join for fun. My reason for creating an account would be the first point I mentioned.

After I completely finished Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope in 2022, I looked online at the Mario Wiki for articles relating to the game. There were lots of pages that weren't created or were lacking in information. On the 21st of November 2022, I decided to create an account (my account was my actual name when I created it, so it was awkward looking back at it) and help out myself. I was bad at editing, but thankfully several users (particularly Mario jc and Swallow) have helped out too. Later I learned how to add in images (which had black bars because they were screenshots from YouTube videos, thankfully I fixed them) and I finished up all of the main articles for the game in April 2023.

Of course it doesn't end there! When the DLC came out, I made sure that each page would be created sure enough they were created! Along the way I learned how to crop images, making sure that they look perfect before uploading them. Most recently I have uploaded all of the audio files for both soundtracks, making for a complete soundtrack for you all to listen too! Well at least 30 seconds of each track. I even got two characters from the game (Edge and Rabbid Rosalina) to Featured Status!

The best part about all of this (besides uploading pony images) is the great community of the Mario Wiki. Who knew that I would get to meet all of these great people? I want to thank everyone and all contributors to the Mario Wiki! It's true that one person can really make a difference! If I had not joined the Mario Wiki, I'm sure that all articles relating to Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope would not have been completed.

I joined just to vote in Featured Images, though I do remember lurking back in the days where the articles had custom headers for games. I didn't join earlier because I didn't know how I could contribute.
I was a 10 year old who didn't realize she had a massive Mario hyperfixation at the time. I just saw a Mario Wiki and decided to make an account since I guess I thought I could contribute somehow.
I think I originally came upon Mario Wiki a few years back when I was googling Animal Crossing stuff and found Nookipedia. Then I found Mario Wiki through the NIWA links, and I lurked around on there for a while. So I was just looking through my contributions on there, and I guess I actually created my account on March 3rd, 2023, a month earlier than I thought I did, to fix a typo. I uploaded a couple pictures and started voting on proposals (still do) and did little things here and there after that.
I joined the Mario Wiki to share my overabundant and endless overflowing love of the Mario franchise with other fans and those who might not be fans but are gamers on here who want to be here to discuss gaming stuff. I grew up with Mario, although I didn't get into Legend of Zelda until I was already an adult. Wish I'd gotten into that as a kid though; I mean my childhood with Nintendo was good enough the way it was, but Zelda might have made it even better. Oh, well. So yeah, those were my main reasons for joining-my love for Mario and gaming and wanting to discuss the franchise and other gaming stuff with other users on here-plus to post and comment on stuff. I mean, it's kind of like social media that way, which is another reason why I like it. Also speaking of Zelda earlier I'm wearing an adult Zelda Breath of the Wild shirt right now. Longsleeve of course, because it's winter and it's cold.
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This was my first edit. It was removed almost immediately because the trivia section wasn't exactly the best place for it, but I am pretty sure I was the first to mention the existence of that stylus on the wiki at all, I just didn't know where to put it. Also at the time I was "Fawfulfan64"

I don't remember whether that addition was specifically why I joined or not. But I was an avid reader of the wiki before that so I'd likely have joined sooner or later anyway.
I wanted to correct a typo on a page related to Mario Kart DS, and then I stayed because I wanted to be around people who like Mario, but it was in a weird parasocial way because you don't really interact or casually talk to people on the wiki. I ended up joining the boards and gradually stopped editing as I got to experience actual communication with real human beings, which is quite incredible.

This guy didn't have a page yet. So I joined to create it. It got deleted for some mythical reason. I made it again. It got tagged for deletion once more.

I had to fight tooth and nail so a fictional bunch of springs with eyes could have the statutory right to live, and so started my tumultuous 12-year-and-counting """career""" of Mario encyclopedist in this community.

Some of y'all were in diapers!!!!!
(tbh i wasn't that far off from that myself either lol)
I made an account on the wiki to write for The 'Shroom, pretty much. I made ten random edits so I could make my own user page, and then I proceeded to never edit the wiki again (except for one edit I made back in the day because it was in The 'Shroom Spotlight).
I created an account in order to argue that Mario Circuit (Wii U) is the original track that Mario Kart Stadium is based on, and not the other way around since the former was shown off first, despite the latter being the first track in the course order. The justification being that the first level or track is not necessarily the one that gets developed first.

No idea if that point is being kept.

Anyway, the fact that I remembered the password after making that argument is a good sign, unlike with Bulbapedia where I forgot the password.

Thank you for reading.
I joined for no reason really. But while making the account, the Captcha thing was so confusing for me because I didn't realize it was talking about Mario characters. I realized when it said "How is the turtle enemy called?" and I finally got it right.
For me it was when the Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story remake came out in early 2019 (and by extension, when Kingdom Hearts III came out too). I was one of the very few people who played it and I thought coverage was very lacking so I took it into my own hands to improve on it and I have enjoyed doing wiki editing for lots of other games I've played since then.
I joined because Turb raided my irc channel like 15 years ago and I decided to stick around