What game did you last play?!?!?!?

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Crash Nitro Kart, on the PS2. It's fun to play, apart from the champions being too easy to beat.


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I played Super Mario 3D Land yesterday. I am replaying it after 8 years and it's still as fun as it was then. The game goes by fast though, I got through a World in an hour.
Pokemon Black Version

I found out my Carracosta has Sturdy instead of Solid Rock and I was a little upset, Sturdy is trash. The dragon gym leader used Dragon Dance six times and kept healing off the damage with potions, but I used Carracosta with Sturdy and Aqua Jet, it let me kill a +6 Attack/Speed Fraxure lol. Still wish I had Solid Rock.

Lv47 Giba [Serperior]
Lv48 Paykel [Excadrill]
Lv47 Rikane [Scolipede]
Lv47 Akai [Carracosta]
Lv47 Silca [Galvantula]
Lv47 Delong [Chandelure]


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Super Mario All-Stars - Super Mario Bros.

I plan to play through each of the classic Mario games again in All-Stars because of the 35th anniversary, starting with the original. I've beaten World 3 and I'll say that the game feels a lot better in general--better graphics, physics, and effects really improve the experience, plus internal saving, more lives, and non-hidden continues certainly help.

I still need to beat Kirby: Planet Robobot and actually play Rayman Legends past the first level. If only there were more hours in the day...
Pokemon Ruby Version

I have defeated Steven Stoner, those battles were actually pretty challenging although I did semi-restrict myself by trying to not use any items in battle and I was also 8-10 levels down compared to the Champion. I was only forced to use items on Drake because only Pelipper could do reasonably effective damage and so I needed to revive her. I gave Claydol Ice Beam but most of his pokemon know Crunch for some reason so basically Claydol was just a floating chew toy.

I took out Skarmory and Aggron using Blaziken (Overheat, Double Kick with King's Rock flinch), then used a combination of Pelipper and Manectric (Rain Dance, Surf, Thunder) to kill Metagross and did a Claydol mirror match where mine won because I had Toxic and all he could hit me with was AncientPower, then I brute forced his fossil pokemon down by just throwing the rest of my team at him because I had five remaining to his two.

BlazikenSpreytonKing's RockLonelyBlazeBlaze Kick / Double Kick / Slash / Overheat
PelipperApotexSea IncenseBoldKeen EyeSurf / Blizzard / Shock Wave / Rain Dance
ManectricZuhohoMagnetModestStaticThunderbolt / Thunder Wave / Thunder / Bite
SkarmoryCarveKing's RockJollySturdyFly / Roar / Protect / Spikes
ClaydolIzunaLax IncenseRelaxedLevitateDig / Psychic / Ice Beam / Toxic
ArmaldoReaganQuick ClawAdamantBattle ArmorBrick Break / Earthquake / Aerial Ace / Ancient Power
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Skullgirls Mobile.
I’m helping Rerun Peacock get on the same Fighter Score of her opponents - Hair Apparent Filia & Bad Ms Frosty Filia; within her mission to infiltrate Medici’s River King Casino, on her way to meet up with the unaware Cerebella for a free ticket to watch her performance.

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon.
I helped Luigi at Old Clockworks get the 2nd Star on the job of catching Pulterpup who took the Hour Hand from Greenies.
And I helped him get the 2nd & 3rd Star on the job of rescuing Yellow Toad & Retrieving the Rotor from Strong Sneaker.

After Ness, Paula, and Jeff lured & trapped the Zombie Guards via Zombie Paper (which works like fly paper but on zombies), I helped them fight their way through the tunnel underneath Threed’s west cemetery.
They had to fight Urban Zombies and Dog Zombies, and then once they reached the end of the tunnel they had to fight a Mini Barf monster who tried to steal the fly-honey (which is like bee honey but made from flies which is much grosser) Ness had in his pocket.
Mini Barf was strong, so Ness gave everyone shields of light (reducing damage taken by 50%), while Paula shot fire out of her fingers (effective), and Jeff sprayed slime to immobilize Mini Barf.
They won and made it through the tunnel.
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The game is too easy and that's its only problem. Galamoth is the only challenge.
I honestly agree. Would've enjoyed it a lot more. Even galamoth wasn't as bad as I heard tbh, although he still took some time. One complaints I have is that the upside down castle makes me dizzy but maybe that's just me.

It's not my favorite castlevania, but I think it's pretty great. Probably third/fourth best.


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we already have it but not board segments! ..this is a stupid vague way to say that i just really like the music in the entire game! for real though its so good
Pokemon Black Version

I have defeated an abusive parent. Apparently not enough of an accomplishment to be entered into the Hall of Fame so maybe he wasn't abusive enough. I didn't really have any trouble with the Elite Four, besides Marshal because I had no Flying or Psychic moves and his team is mono-fighting so I just had to rely on brute force. Fortunately despite all of them being fighting type, none of them have Brick Break so I was free to set up Reflect and go to town.

Had basically no issues against N but was forced to use a revive during Ghetsis because I started out the fight with a bad switch instead of just tanking the Toxic with Serperior, which put me down a pokemon immediately and at one point I was down to three pokemon while he had five and his Hydreigon was just fucking me up so I used a revive to get Serperior back in to set up screens again so I could survive and then it was curtains from there because his team kinda blows besides Hydreigon. Serperior really was the MVP, setting up screens and then swapping the enemy out with Dragon Tail or using Giga Drain to stay healthy against anything that doesn't resist it, I'm surprised that moves recovers so much health.

SerperiorGibaLight ClayTimidOvergrowReflect / Dragon Tail / Light Screen / Giga Drain
ExcadrillPaykelSoft SandAdamantSand ForceRock Slide / Swords Dance / Earthquake / Brick Break
ScolipedeRikaneExpert BeltAdamantSwarmBulldoze / Rock Slide / Baton Pass / Megahorn
CarracostaAkaiShell BellAdamantSturdyAqua Jet / Rock Slide / Waterfall / Shell Smash
GalvantulaSilcaMagnetTimidCompoundeyesThunderbolt / Thunder / Signal Beam / Volt Switch
ChandelureDelongCharcoalModestFlash FireNight Shade / Will-O-Wisp / Flame Burst / Shadow Ball

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Super Mario All-Stars
After playing and looking at the original SMB 1, 2, and 3 so many times, the SMAS graphics are a breath of fresh air. I think that they look really good, and I love the improved music and sound effects too.


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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
I beat story mode, but I'm replaying it to collect the 3 stars in each course. Today I was only able to get Luigi 2 Stars Medal for his job at Secret Mine to cross the broken Gondola and activate the workshop’s camera.
The struggle for me is getting gold from Greenies while Poltergust is maxed out, he sucks them in too easily; and getting gold from Gobber, getting the max pull at the right time proves difficult for me.

If anyone has any tips or strategies for me, that'd be awesome.


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Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby Star Allies

My new GameCube controller came in today, so I tried it out in these two games (I did the former via Dolphin, and used the Wii U GameCube Adapter I had for both). Very nice controller, love the toy-like look and feel, the analog triggers are neat too and feel very nice. Looking forward to using this with Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Smash, and actual GameCube games.

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Wario got the big fat goose egg today. Played a crapton of Balloon Battle, it's what I play 80% of the time whenever I boot the game up.


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Super Mario All-Stars - Super Mario Bros.

Beat World Star 7, leaving only Star 8 before I can finally beat this game 100%. Regular World 8 took ages to beat though, so I'm kinda dreading it. Those blasted 8-3 Hammer Bros...

Kirby: Planet Robobot

My frustration with this game's True Arena cannot be overstated. The true final boss is really brutal and very punishing considering how long it takes to even be able to fight him. Specifically, I keep dying near the end of his second phase. Maybe I just need to get better at the other bosses to compensate.


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Super Mario All-Stars - Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels

Played up through World 9 as Mario. It's no less brutal than it's made out to be, but the All-Stars version allows you to save after every level, making it possible to actually get this far without abusing suspend points or rewinds or losing your sanity. Plus, it seems that unlike the original, I can go straight on to World A after beating World 9 (instead of the whole beat-the-game-8-times thing). Yay!


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Mario and Donkey Kong Minis on the Move
Started this today, did a few levels to get a taste of it.

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
Got my butt kicked at the Scare Scraper.. finding it much more difficult than Dark Moon Quest. It claims Normal can be cleared single player, but it's hella difficult with the boss having beefed up back up.

I defeated Master Belch rather easily with the Jar of Fly Honey and PSI Freeze.
As opposed to yesterday when I forgot to use the Jar of Fly Honey and went all out against him with every super strategy I could think of, losing to him, not knowing his HP secretly fully recovers every turn if you don't use the honey.

I'm playing with Rerun Peacock, training against the Medici Effect (Bad Hair Day Filia, Resonant Evil Big Band, and Headstrong Cerebella).
I've almost maxed out her skill tree, just a few more HP slots to go and done.


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Super Mario All-Stars - Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels

The game was pretty brutal for the first 8 worlds, but man...I'm starting to see why Worlds A-D originally required you to beat the game eight times. I'm still stuck on A-1--this is truly for Super Players only.

Gonna keep trying to push through Worlds A-D before moving on to Super Mario Bros. 3. But it's definitely going to require more Super Playing than ever before.