What game did you last play?!?!?!?


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currently playing harry potter and the chamber of secrets. just trying to beat my time on the challenges. i have no idea how i got such high scores in the first place so im not succeeding in beating them but i think the runs are going smoothly otherwise! but the most important point is that im actually bothering to record them this time!!! hopefully ill manage to record beating, or at least reaching, my high score
i can edit this with a vid later

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Civ VI

It took me a trillion turns to take down this modern city with horsemen and archers. I literally depleted their ENTIRE healthbar to like 0.000001 health, and just when I was about to use my last horsemen they conveniently used their artists as shields to block its movement. Next move they killed the horseman for having just enough health and then they started recovering. Also they suddenly modernized just when that happened aaaaaagasdgfgsgrerfawsd and they recovered and now here we are.


I... gruuurnfmsdfpgrghhh it cannot be believed.


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remembered i had minecraft so i played it for a bit for the first time in months. started up yet ANOTHER survival world, trying to get my ass to actually not play on peaceful (which means easy, still with gamerule keepinventory and no mob griefing, and yet i die anyway because i SUCK)
i had three baby zombies chasing me at one point that wasnt fun

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Mario Kart 64.


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Paper Mario: Color Splash

As expected, school has somewhat hampered my progress in this game, but I've finally managed to get the red Big Paint Star. Five more to go...which hopefully I can finish before schoolwork gets heavier. Didn't come this far in the marathon only to quit now.

Great game, excellent improvement over Sticker Star, and the writing really is as good as they say.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land

So, been a while since our last multiplayer Kirby session! Apparently my brother still hadn't beaten the main story (he was on stage 6-4) so we pressed on until the final boss (I was pink Kirby, my brother alternated between yellow Kirby and Dedede, and one of my sisters joined in later as Meta Knight). The multiplayer's...definitely more on the chaotic side but still great, even if I'd say Star Allies is the better multiplayer Kirby option. The final boss was also as epic as ever.

I tried to convince my brother to press on to Extra Mode but...I don't think he will. What can I say, you haven't beaten a Kirby game until you've beaten its True Arena.

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Fancy Pants Adventures World 1

Flash is dying in a few months, so I decided to play one of the Flash games I remember loving as a kid. It's still fun, but damn how bad is Flash if I still get lag and slowdown while running a 2D Flash game from 20-damn-06 on my modern laptop?


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Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Have now completed this game 100%, including all Super Flags, all Luigis, all Wiggler Diary entries, and complete Sticker Museum. That makes this the second Paper Mario I have completed 100%, after Color Splash. It wasn't too difficult but I had to use a guide to find many of the collectibles I missed, and there was a lot of grinding for those 500 Perfect Bonuses. Still, fun game, goes for cheap, recommend.

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Human: Fall Flat. It's a really good time and I recommend you play it with some friends.


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Kirby's Return to Dream Land

You haven't beaten Galacta Knight in this game until you've done it as Meta Knight.

That aside, I also played some with my brother and helped him hit 100% on his Main Game file. He still refuses to start Extra Game though.

Kirby Star Allies

We decided to move over to the Switch installment after that, playing a bit of Guest Star Beetley as well as destroying Sweet Breeze in The Ultimate Choice as several overpowered Dream Friends. The multiplayer in this game is a significant improvement over RtDL, but the Joy-Con lag and drift is intolerable...whatever, more incentive to get a GameCube controller.


Skyrim. I'll finish it this time and not just be distracted by side-quests and stealing everything and killing everyone and exploring for no reason. Maybe.


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Kirby: Planet Robobot

I was expecting this game to pretty much be an expansion pack of sorts of Triple Deluxe. But...despite also being made in the style of Return to Dream Land, Planet Robobot manages to stick out thanks to its really-awesome Robobot Armor and just the technological level themes in general. It's really great and I can see why this game is praised so much.

So far I've beaten the first three worlds, and it's pretty fun! Looking forward to more!
Pokemon Ruby Version

I've never really explored using Dive or spent much time on these water routes. After doing so, I think my original judgement call was correct. Groudon took a while but I went to the Abandoned Ship to get Rain Dance for Pelipper to counter the Sun and then after it ran out of Fire Blasts and everyone else was dead I swapped to Skarmory to ignore damage.

Lv44 Spreyton [Blaziken]
Lv44 Apotex [Pelipper]
Lv44 Zuhoho [Manectric]
Lv44 Carve [Skarmory]
Lv44 Izuna [Claydol]
Lv44 Reagan [Armaldo]

Fall Guys

I fell into 30 wins. Hex a Gone is the best final, a game for people who are good and is won by people who are good which may or may not be me BUT I will say I have won it every time it has appeared in the last few days so if I fit that criteria then idk I'll let you make the decision but the facts have been laid out for you.

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The original Yoshi's Island, on the Snes.
Pokemon Diamond Version

I made it half way up Mt Coronet and then had to turn back because I was supposed to raid Team Galactic first. Mt Coronet really drained the fuck out of my team. I've never seen the Diamond/Pearl animation and scene for summoning the legendary, I never played either before this but I played Platinum so I basically have. I caught the lake spirits with Poke Balls because I wanted to get rid of them somewhere, fuck roaming pokemon so I'm not catching the last one unless it shows up then maybe I'll Master Ball it.

Lv48 Imation [Empoleon]
Lv47 Haoni [Honchkrow]
Lv47 Pulsar [Bronzong]
Lv47 Petrosis [Blissey]
Lv47 Acacia [Toxicroak]
Lv47 Carotino [Hippowdon]

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

A new Trails game came out but I kind of lost interest in the series after watching CS4 and seeing how absolute dogshit garbage that game was and how it retroactively lowered the value of the earlier games with its dogshit badness. But it looks like the new game gave people some hope that maybe the next arc can still have good writing as long as it completely leaves every character from Cold Steel in the dirt and pretends they don't exist. So that gives me hope and I'm just replaying this because of that.


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Kirby: Planet Robobot

Completed Area 4, Gigabyte Grounds. Gotta say, I really do love this game's level design, and the technological theme really helps this game feel unique. And the Robobot Armor just gets more and more fun to use.


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playing donkey kong country for the first time, right now
also because i absolutely fear having to deal with lives i make save states at the start of each level and at the checkpoints. no rewinds and save states beyond that though
anyway im liking it so far!! just beat minecart carnage and i didnt find it That Hard (then again save states) and its still a much MUCH better minecart level than those ones in this obscure ass game i speedrun for some reason

edit: pretty sure i got halfway through the game so im done for now. currently playing rayman legends because wow even playing for this long only got my switch to 50%
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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Funny story, I was unable to figure how to get PsxE (or whatever it's called) to work, but thankfully, there is another way to play this game outside of the PS... and that's on the rondo of blood remake for Psp. So I had to actually play around a little before I actually unlocked symphony (I'll probably finish rondo too at some point).

Either way I'm having fun so far. People praise this game a lot, and although there's inconsistencies with the save point placements, I still think it might just live up to its praise, maybe. Will it beat Harmony of Dissonance for me? Only playing the game more may tell.