What game did you last play?!?!?!?


The world ends with you. Finished final time attack challenge on ultimate, took me 25 minutes (plus 3 days of failing rage), A rank. All secret reports, items, character stickers, 62% pin mastery... good playthrough ^^


how about a rousing game of pool
I played SMG a for a few minutes today.

I couldn't stop laughing when Bowser blew up the party and everyone was screaming, it looked like armageddon. All we needed was some guy shouting "OH GOD WHAT A WORLD WHAT A WORLD, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY"


The Enclave will rise again
I've gone back to an old favourite, Dead Rising on 360.
With all its flaws, and dodgy AI, its still a fun game, and you can just kill all the survivors since you aren't penalized for doing so.


Recently re-bough Donkey Kong Lanf 1, 2 and 3, as my inner collector told me. Just replayed DKL1 and still think it´s as awesome as I remembered it

Sou Hiyori

miss sara it seems i'm stuck on marioboards.com
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