What game did you last play?!?!?!?

Rinka Hayami

Koops, King of cowards.
Paper Mario

That's chapter 1 done, phew. That emulator is pretty hard to get some buttons at the right time but I got the hang of it.

I can't take any of the story so far seriously, but gameplay's been pretty alright so that's what matters. I wish your partners could... you know... talk more? I want to care about Kooper dammit!

WHERE'S THE SUPPORT SYSTEM INTSYS? I thought you had that in your games!

Dr. Peach

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Dr. Mario World

The game gets a lot stressful in the vs mode.

King Dedede

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Paper Mario

Decided that I'd take a little break from Kirby to finally play another Mario RPG. I've cleared the prologue so far, and compared to its clunky, poorly-aged predecessor that I had to practically force myself to get through, I think this will be a pretty fun ride.

Goombario's a pretty cool partner too, and who knows, maybe I'll come to like him as much as Mallow from the previous game.

King Dedede

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Paper Mario

Playing through Chapter 2. Since my last post, I've met three new partners: Kooper, Bombette, and Parakarry. And wow...finding Dry Dry Ruins is one of the most epic puzzles I've ever solved in a video game, hands down.

Princess Mario

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Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4

WTF who are all you people


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Perfect Dark

Finished up all missions on the hardest difficulty using only the Cyclone submachine gun, then I started a new run, this time using only the RCP-120. I’m about halfway through all missions

King Dedede

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Paper Mario

Completed four chapters now, meaning I'm officially halfway through the game! I've unlocked Bow and Watt as partners since my last post, as well. I really like the Peach segments at the end of every chapter, as well; nothing beats sneaking around those dumb guards in the castle to eavesdrop on Bowser's big-mouth minions. Goombario's still my favorite partner (as always, it's the first partner I grow attached to), and I recently unlocked a powerful skill for him where he can charge a powerful attack over many turns, which is really useful against bosses.
Fate/Grand Order

Summer has been pretty smooth even though there were 5 challenge quests. The last one was kind of tough because every enemy had good skills and chunky health bars. Three of them had low count NP bars so I had to nuke more often than I could stall. FGO Fes 4 revealed a bunch of stuff; new bronze servants, timeframe and sneak peek of the new chapter servants and summer servants. Lots of really good official art too.

Dragalia Lost

Almost done with the event, I've done all the bronze and silver farming just need to get my last golds. I attempted HJP a little earlier than I thought I would, a lot harder than the other high dragons but Cleo can tear through it when things align. I did get three clears and in less rounds than I did for HBH, but I was the cause of a lot of failures this time as opposed to only causing a small amount in HBH. I will give it one more run next week and then not touch it again for a long time.

Pokemon Masters

I maxed out the levels of Hau and Rosa. I think I can clear every bit of content with the F2P squad now that those two are maxed. I do think it's a worse launch than Dragalia, really not much to do or future content to work towards and the game runs quite poorly even on low settings. I shouldn't expect anything pokemon related to not have frame drops anymore.
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Chris Yukine

Dry Bowser
Diddy Kong Racing (N64)

After playing the original and seeing how differently it plays to the remake, I can see why the game is so beloved. The controls feel loose, even on Tiptup and Pipsy, but not to the point where the game feels too slippery (except in the Hovercraft). It requires some time to get used, but once I got used to it the game was enjoyable to control.

One of the problems I had with the remake is how infrequently rare coins appear, which I now find to be a rather weird choice as bananas are far more frequent. I was gathering between 10-20 per race, while in the remake I would only get 0-5 per race. This decision is made more confusing by how high the prices for items in the wish menu are. I can't wait for microtransactions to be added.


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Ducktales: Remastered (Wii U)

After beating the tutorial stage, I tried out and died in each stage. The closest I got to beating one was in the African Mines and the Amazon, where I got to the boss. Having a good time so far.


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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Still having fun with the game's battle mode. Waluigi got zero points and it's hilarious.

Also, played this stupid game today



back 2 back
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

My brother's getting tired of Falcon being garbage. Also practiced a bunch of Ridley so I can hopefully at least consistently get good results in online tourneys (discord, ingame tourneys don't really do it for me).
Fate/Grand Order

Summer is done, normally I'd farm embers or QP but I should get more than enough from Nero Fest coming up. Instead I'm farming for Bones since I'm low and need at least 2 more for ascensions plus another 44 on top of that for skills. It'll be nice to stockpile a ton of skill gems for the future. Also there's double success rates and half qp costs on upgrades right after Nero Fest ends; if everything goes to schedule. This is easily the best time to grind in the entire year, even if it burns me out for months.

Dragalia Lost

Taking a bit of a break from this to give myself some more free time, I don't feel the need to burn my wings on IO as much anymore since they updated the drop rates and it's not nearly as much of a hassle. It will be a damn long time before I have any issues with dojo coins because of how much I grinded prior to the drop rate increase. Stockpiling my skip tickets to use during Nero Fest so I can spend as little time on this as possible while that's running. Anniversary stuff should start around the time Nero Fest ends too so that'll be nice.

Kat Gravity Rush

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Persona 5

I was urged to buy it from the PS Store, as it was on the Winter sale.
Really liking the game so far.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

I definitely didn't deserve to win any match that I played Hero in. I literally just did get off me shit and then shot his giant projectile or super armour lightning thing or one of his dumb menu jank. Hero Dittos are fun but I can't imagine anyone enjoyed fighting against him. Then when I wanted to play properly I got slotted into a free for all and turned the game off. Glad to see the online is still working as intended, thanks nintendo.

Dimitri A. Blaiddyd

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

After finishing my Golden Deer playthrough, I'm now starting a second playthrough. This time as a proud Black Eagle professor (despite me trying to recruit my favorite Golden Deer students).