What game did you last play?!?!?!?


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Astral Chain

I really like that game. I finished it, and the ending was sad, my gosh. I do not know, but looks like the game is too short for me, I would have taken even more, but I guess that it is something positive.


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Death Squared (Switch)

Doing the post-game levels now, and I noticed that one of them is a reference to 25m (Donkey Kong) and it's even got a Mario reference too!

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Astral Chain

This is a really damn good game, when the action starts it just keeps going. I felt real good about how I played for File 06, more than half the missions were S+ rank clears and only four C/D clears. I'm getting the hang of beating shit up fast while using all the gimmicks like chain binding and legion skills like the beast howl and round blade for mad points. There was one fight that I think was supposed to be more difficult than it was, it lasted 18 seconds and the mini-boss didn't even do anything. I only got an A for the boss of the chapter but I also did take my time and wasn't too efficient in beating it up because I was figuring out what I could and couldn't do to it.

and also I bought drinks from a tsundere vending machine.

edit: also this game reminds me of Psycho-Pass and Xenoblade Chronicles X having a mutant baby. That actually happened, this is the child. Music is great too.
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Super Kirby Clash

Oh boy, this game sure is fun, I love getting platinum rank on every boss and having to try for 2 hours more than I expected because of how hard it iis


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Super Mario 3D World

Finally bested Champion's Road, netting me the Mario character stamp! I now have all 380 Green Stars and all golden flags, as well as all stamps except the four remaining character stamps. I guess the next thing for me to do is to beat every level in the game again with all the other characters, whenever I feel like doing that.

Oh yeah, and Champion's Road got my death count from the 200s up to the 800s so that really says something about the level's difficulty.


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Super Kirby Clash

I have so far beaten every Story Quest, although I haven't gotten Platinum on them all yet. That unlocks more Party Quests which has the "Super" strength rating for bosses, but they recommended a higher level than I currently am (59 vs the required 66).

As for my equipment, I have the DX upgrades of (all Starlight, Rarity 15): Beam armour, Beam weapon, Sword weapon and Hammer weapon. My next upgrade will be the Doctor armour. Getting my tree to Level 4, which is at least 300 apples bought helped a bit.

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii

After an eternity of trying to complete that awful level known as World 9-7, I finally beat it. That, as well as the comparatively easy World 9-8, net me 100% completion of the game at long last (and no, I'm not doing shiny stars for another million trillion years). Finally, that's off my plate. That done, I've decided to focus on a different series for the time being...

Mario Party 1

Decided it would be pretty cool to check out this series' history, because I'd only previously played 8 and onward. My goal is to play through every board in every console Mario Party from 1 through Super, and to get a kick out of each game's minigames while doing so. Unfortunately, I don't have the required controllers to do multiplayer for the first seven, but at least this first game isn't really so bad in solo, as the game is relatively fast-paced. I've played the Mario and DK boards so far. The minigames are quite fun, if imbalanced a lot of the time, and I especially enjoyed seeing the minigames I previously played in Top 100 in their original form.

Also, on the DK board, I almost won (with 2 stars), but Luigi (previously in last with 0 stars) got all three bonuses. I felt cheated.
Astral Chain

Chapter 7 was amazing, then the following chapter was full action; which is fine and I enjoyed it, but it seems like this one is making up for it by being almost entirely police exploration with dozens of little sidequests and just a bunch of battle gates hanging around. I do feel good when I find hidden stuff with the beast legion and I've nailed the combat down so I'm getting S+ on all of them but it feels a little weird and poorly paced so far.

Dragalia Lost

Pretty amazing anniversary event so far, from all the additions and freebies to this new event that has an actually interesting story segment and two really cool boss fights. I definitely burnt all my resources grinding the double IO event and now I want to use my non-existent resources to play this event.


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Mario Party 1

I've completed all six boards now...although I have yet to win once. I'm also on World 6 in Minigame Island. I'll probably keep playing until I unlock Bowser's Magma Mountain for 980 coins, but probably not much further than that for now, as the 100 stars required to unlock Eternal Star seems like a long way off. After Magma Mountain, I'll probably just move on to Party 2.


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Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade

Yep, this is Roy's game. As much as I love playing as the guy in Smash he is pretty abysmal in his own game, but eh, it's pretty fun. Many of my units already have moments. I'm actually close to the end of the game now, actually. But damn is Chapter 21 something. Bern sure has the strongest Wyverns on the continent, good thing I got two on my side.

It actually surprises me though how Roy and Lilina are the only ones here who made it in Ultimate as spirits but hey Lilina's awesome so I don't mind.

Oh yeah, be prepared for another one of those big, long posts in the "I just beat_" thread.


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In the past two weeks...

~ Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Did a 100% playthrough.
~ Banjo-Kazooie - Retired at Rusty Bucket Bay. (Wasn't in the mood to deal with the insta-kill rotor jiggy or the engine room.)
~ Luigi's Mansion (3DS) - Seeing as we're approaching the season of spooks and the first game is pretty short, why not?
~ Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions - Replayed the main game.
Astral Chain

That chapter wasn't paced great but all the gates I could see in the distance did end up being basic ones that were part of a time attack mission, so that last part felt far less stinted. Slowly working my way through the tight corridors chasing the chapter boss was actually a little unnerving when the enemies started jump scaring you and the music was creepy. I did pretty amazing this chapter, every fight except the final one was an S+ rank and my final ranking was S. I've got a grasp on the games qualifications for a high rank.

I did pretty poorly in the final fight because it took me a bit to realise what options I had to beat the gimmick, I should have been using the arm legion's suit mode to quickly break it and once it got stuck in the death mud I couldn't get in there and do anything to it except attack from afar which is for bitches. I wish there was a way to grab and drag enemies that are just camping the stage hazards like that because that was some bullshit.


Borderlands 3

Pretty good game. I didn't enjoy the story as much as 2's, but I enjoy and appreciate the effort they put into making versatile and enjoyable combat for the game with brand new guns and far more customizable skill trees. I've already beat it twice, as well, with normal mode on both Moze and Amara.

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Mega Man 11

Don't actually own the game, but while I'm on vacation in Tennessee, I found an Xbox One X (first Xbox I've ever played) that had the latest Mega Man. I've played it before, my cousin has a copy, but I wanted to play it on the console as my first experience with the controller. I have a picture attached as well.
Anyway, TL;DR: I like the Xbox One X but am a little annoyed you have to use a Microsoft account to even start playing the game. Love the controller though.


EDIT: Hello and welcome back to "I Can't Abbreviate Too Long Didn't Read on Mario Boards".


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Perfect Dark

I was grinding to obtain the best possible multiplayer ranking, currently on Nr.4: Elite. In order to obtain the best one, I need this.

I've finished everything apart from ammo used, damage dealt, time and run distance, though I'm sure I can finish the former two today.

Green Luma

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

I was able to play a little bit of it recently and it's pretty fun right now. I haven't played a FE game before this one so I'm interested on seeing what there is to this series.
Tales of Berseria
Tales of Zestria

I've been trying to get into the Tales series
a friend of mine recommended it to me so
I decided to check them out


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And continuing with the Fire Emblem rampage! Next on the chopping block...

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

Ike's first game.

I'm in the midgame now. Ike just got promoted, but I somehow got the entire army to promote at around the same time. Chapter 17 was the promotion chapter. Makes me feel like I'm playing the game right, you know?

So far, this is pretty great. This game has the potential to surpass Sacred Stones as my favorite in the series. We'll see how it goes.

Ike is still not as good a lord as Ephraim gameplaywise, but character wise? He's actually pretty standout. But I'm not here to talk about him. The traditional review post will do that.

Also forges are one of the best things to grace this franchise.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

pretty much no comment other than my sister exploded and she bounded around like a pinball in reset bomb forest

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Had my team's score 107-(single digit number) in one round of Bob-omb Blast, it was immensely satisfying.
Medievil (ps4)
Sonic Mania (Ps4)
Pokémon Ultra Sun
Super Street fighter 4 (3ds)
Luigi's Mansion 3

Gooigi Time

Pokemon Ruby Version

SwSh looks like it'll be trash so I'm just gonna play a different one since I have pokemon on the brain. I turned on the game and I hadn't beaten the first gym yet but I had two Lv21 pokemon and 18 rare candies. Interesting. Why did they have to go and nerf such a balanced ability like pickup, it was uncalled for.

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Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

No, the treasure hunting nor the mech levels are the worst parts of the game. That distinction goes to the kart racing aspect.