What game did you last play?!?!?!?


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Fire Emblem Warriors

I played this game with my best friend on his Switch, and it was pretty fun, though it took some time to get used to the controls. I'll consider buying this game once I've finished Ever Oasis
Etrian Odyssey Nexus

The next labyrinth is the first stratum from EO2, half-way through the game and we're still exploring forests. That being said this is my favourite first area so I'm okay with it. The music is nice, it's what I hear every time I turn on my 3DS. Playing this game makes me wonder how progress on the next EO game is coming along, I'm assuming it's going to be on the Switch but they must be taking their time to make an engine that they can re-use for the next four titles in the series. The artist might change too.

Fate/Grand Order

New chapter has arrived, time to see why it is so hated. Someone did say if you aren't phased too easily it would be fine but the more critical people will tear it apart. I don't know where I land.

Dragalia Lost

All these double drop events are designed to destroy my honey/ash reserves before they release something that I would want to use them on. I'll use up most of them on the Light IO, I know I can do that one quickly and it has the granite drops. The difficulty of these later Mercurial Gauntlet levels has got me wondering if I should hold back on making new weapons until I know what I'll need them for. I saw some people cheesing them with Elly+Levi-Bog or Odetta Buffs or Bleed but I don't think I could figure that kind of shit out, I'm not that smart I can only slam my face across the screen with what I have until it works.

Hondo Ohnaka

"You will pay for your i n s o l e n c e !"

I have a modded survival file. I went mob hunting one night and ran into a group of, like, five skeletons and evil mod-Creepers. Here's some evidence of skeletons:



Cosmic Beauty
The last game that I've played was the recently released CTR: Nitro-Fueled. I haven't fully completed Adventure Mode yet, but I am doing a Classic playthrough as Crash.

If there's anything to complain about this game, however, it has to be the unlockables, as a lot of the unlockable contents are merely aesthetic, and don't do anything to affect your character's stats. The lack of stat diversity also exists, as there are only 4 stat spreads in the whole game.

And on a final note, Nitros Oxide has the same stats as Coco and N. Gin, which feels rather surprising for someone who's the game's final boss; I would've expected him to have a perfectly balanced stat spread, like Crash and Cortex.
Dragalia Lost

I've taken a look at my teams to see how good they are for each element, I'd like to be able to clear MC content as it arrives for more trove rewards. They seem fine but I'm going to promote Melody and Alex at least. Musashi always removes Sleep with Poison which is frustrating, same reason I won't work on Fjorm or Lily since they'll overwrite Bog with Freeze which is a huge loss.

Fate/Grand Order

There are some disturbing things in this one, I can stomach it but this is not a male friendly chapter thus far. There is a fair bit of repetition for some of the characters lines and Astolfo/Chev ambiguous gender jokes are everywhere. I actually like Chev a lot this chapter, among all these clowns its good to have someone with a good head on their shoulders even if she seems to have only been chosen literally for a joke.

Herc is an absolute unit. herc chungus. Also understandable why the jp fans were upset about Drake's role in this one, that's probably the most uncomfortable part of the entire chapter.

Chris Yukine

Dry Bowser

I abandoned two Styracosaurus in Witchyworld while I remembered that the Van had money in it and got everything in that world that I had missed.
Cadence of Hyrule

I've explored the entire map but I haven't done the Storm Temple or gone through Lost Woods. I sure as hell haven't gotten all the secrets or treasures, I'll probably just try to beat the game since needing specific random equips for certain areas is pretty lame and I'm not interested in dealing with that.


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Sonic 2
Xbox: Grand Theft Auto 5 Story Mode


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Played Scribblenauts Unlimited for the first time a few hours ago. I like it.
Though I apologize to all citizens of the first city for my role in the booming cockroach population. I've learned from my mistake.
Dragon Quest XI

Wow can't believe they managed to add the famous Platypunk from hit Wii title Fortune Street. and also something something super saiyan blue goku joke.

So far this has been travel between cut scenes simulator, I ended up just putting battles on auto because I haven't done anything but button mash through them and auto is also literally that. I feel like maybe I've already heard the majority of the soundtrack, 50% of it is this single field theme that is driving me crazy. I don't know if the DQ music is beloved or not but I've never heard a good dq song and that opinion hasn't changed yet.

Probably judging it harshly because it's early game and it feels like there hasn't been any gameplay, exploring the town was really fun but comparatively exploring the fields feels like a total waste of time. Visually pleasing as well, audibly not very pleasing. I will probably just turn it down and listen to something else next time I play.

Dragalia Lost

Double IO gauntlet begins, Shadow is probably the worst to play and will give the worst rewards but I still want to get what I can. I nearly have all my dojos to 20/20, then I'll get the altars to 35/35 and then go back to dojos.

Fate/Grand Order

Completed Agartha, the chapter and all the free quests. It's been a while since I've done the daily quests, I guess I'll work on building up some exp and then use it during the anniversary. There's going to be half cost quests during the anniversary but I'm definitely using that time to get QP and not exp.


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Paper Mario: Color Splash (Nintendo Wii U)

Second playthough yet it still feels very fresh in my mind.

Team Sonic Racing (Nintendo Switch)

Love the Rooftop Run remix.

King Dedede

King of Dream Land
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Was going to play Kirby Star Allies with my siblings, but Joy-Con suck and we soon just gave up. Probably going to play Kirby's Return to Dream Land together instead.


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Ever Oasis

Managed to obtain the last Starstone I needed, allowing me to make the Purple Shadow crossbow. Now I'm only missing 12 Red Ribbons and 4 pieces of Demon-Tree Bark before I can make every missing equipment piece before I have obtained everything. I also managed to obtain every clothing piece today.


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I beat this game in four days. It wasn't like I was constantly playing either, I would only play for a couple hours at a time.
Super Mario Maker 2

co-op is certainly an experience, I kind of like the hard levels where everyone dies a lot for co-op because someone stays away from the danger to act as a respawn point. Most stages are kind of so-so though, which is basically what I expected. I like story mode but I feel like I have a lot left to do in it.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

Took me a few races but I remembered how to play, I only ever played the original at a friends house so I had to figure out how to get drifting down again.


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Paper Mario: Color Splash (Nintendo Wii U)

Only have the green Big Paint Star left before endgame.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Trying to find all the Korok Seeds in the game. Less than 200 to find. Let's keep going LV.


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Super Mario Maker 2

After finally getting this game, I did everything I could do. I started with story mode. I only played like, 3 levels of it. It did introduce me to how everything works in Mario Maker, and the controls, which are really good, especially in the 3D world style. As someone who never played Mario Maker before, this all felt brand new to me. I started making a level that will most probably be pretty crappy because I wasn't using touchscreen. I'll work on it and maybe share it eventually. Then I decided to try a few online levels, and I now realize how levels can actually be annoying and everything. But I owe one to some people who made amazing levels. Such as that popular Sand Bird level (ID is 6DK-1JL-L5G). I love this game, and hopefully I can get more into what people are making and of course, that I'll get better at making levels.
Fate/Grand Order

x3 success rates make this a good opportunity to burn all my friend points and hopefully get an angry mango. I'll do QP dailies while it's cheap, I'll be getting plenty of embers from Nero Fest when that happens. I have Tamamo but it's going to be a long time before I have the mats to upgrade her fully.

Dragalia Lost

My teams are mostly at their might limit, at this point it's just small improvements like levelling up wyrmprints and upgrading facilities. The new upgrade addition will change that but I think my teams are solid enough to clear Lv40 of each gauntlet type. Just need eldwater so I can max out mana circles and stuff. I'm going to make a Light Wand for Lucretia but I don't have any other weapons I really want to make after this.


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Super Mario Maker 2

Well this game, ok THIS GAME IS *BEEP*IN AWESOME THE GRAPHICS ARE AMAZING!!! But my 5 star internet lags with 4 players, at 3, it goes sonic speed!!! There are so many levels:
Maker Name: Link327
Best course: Paper Mario 5: beta