What game did you last play?!?!?!?


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Super Mario Maker 2

Well this game, ok THIS GAME IS *BEEP*IN AWESOME THE GRAPHICS ARE AMAZING!!! But my 5 star internet lags with 4 players, at 3, it goes sonic speed!!! There are so many levels:
Maker Name: Link327
Best course: Paper Mario 5: beta

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I defeated the Eye of Cthulhu, and the Goblin Army attacked. Guide the Guide sadly passed away, but at least his replacement, Trent, has a name.


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I extended my island that I built my OG house on. Tons of sand went into this, I'm glad I installed that Effortless Building mod and Inventory Pets mod, otherwise it would have taken probably a whole week to do a single section.

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Super Mario Sunshine

It's been a few years that I had not touched Super Mario Sunshine, and damn, that game is so bad, it's almost painful to play it.

Leo Aiolia

Pac Man championship edition 2 with arcade classics on ps4
Mine Craft (ps4)


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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

So this is it. I've finished both Eliwood and Hector modes in the previous game, and now both Eirika's and Ephraim's route in this one. And it ended so beautifully.

Look at this. That's my boy Forde. That's him landing a 20% critical hit on the Final Boss, ending him on only the fifth attack. (Although people call Fomortiis the most pathetic FE final boss for a reason).

Well, Forde saved the world. I believe he has earned himself the hand of the princess, now, hasn't he?

yeah I decided that Eirika X Seth was a boring ship so I did this instead this time. I'm proud of you, buddy.
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Time to maybe actually attempt a run where I speak to the NPC's often. Also hard mode. I thought the game was brutal on hard mode but I had just accidentally unequipped a piece of armour on both characters and was taking way more damage than I had to. It became way more manageable once I realised.

Dragalia Lost

I got Rena so now I can comfortably make a 5t3 Blade and use it on someone good/useful. She's not very strong outside of 60 second content but the defense buff on the leading character is good, I can swap out Crystalian Envoy for First-Rate Hospitality on Mym and she's also just going to bring more damage than Sarisse when controlled by the AI. If I get Mikoto though, she's gone. All my teams reach 9k+ strength now and aren't bows and I actually like and appreciate the characters on them.
Pokemon Ruby Version

I'm going to have a Blaziken before I see even one Surskit. Usually I get a bit further into the game before these 1% encounter rate mons stop my progress, I haven't even got to the catching pokemon tutorial. Fortunately the pickup ability wasn't balanced until Emerald so I'm stocking up on rare candies and other goodies while I hunt. ZigzaGoon Squad roll out.
Pokemon Ruby Version

I had to do a double take when the Surskit actually appeared. It only took 6 hours. Nice. My Combusken and Wingull are level 20 now. Here's my total haul from the ZigzaGoon Squad;

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Kirby's Super Star Stacker

With the new English fan translation patch, of course. Never played the original Game Boy version but this game is pretty great. It's a puzzle game where you clear Star Blocks from the board by sandwiching them between these special Animal Friend blocks depicting Rick, Kine, and Coo from Kirby 2. I've almost beaten the Story Mode (Gryll is beyond frustrating though), and done all stages in normal difficulty of Round Clear. And wow...never before have I seen Kirby 3 get so much love. Kirby even wields the Love-Love Stick from that game! I've had some...major frustrations with the Story Mode, but that aside, I've really enjoyed this game so far and am looking forward to playing more!

It's fun in multiplayer, too. You can even select characters (even though they have absolutely no impact on the actual gameplay, it's still fun to watch the characters battle it out in the center of the screen while you're clearing Star Blocks from the grid).

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Kirby Super Star Ultra

So far I've completed all games...except that True Arena. The Arena and Helper to Hero weren't too difficult with the help of Plasma, but The True Arena? I can beat the first six bosses easily but die to Masked Dedede, every single time.

Worst part is, I know it gets harder after Masked Dedede, thanks to Wham Bam Jewel and Galacta Knight. This may be the hardest True Arena I've played in the series yet!

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Mario Kart Wii (CTGP)

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Waluigi and Daisy on the losing team. Oh and BLOF's favorite character is on my team, and that's good too.
aaaaw waluigi scored the most points tho
Yeah, if this had been a normal race without teams, he would've won a bronze trophy. Thankfully he didn't.

Update: I just played another 8 races as Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi was on my team again.

Dr. Mario

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Mario Kart Wii (CTGP)

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Waluigi and Daisy on the losing team. Oh and BLOF's favorite character is on my team, and that's good too.
That other team is VERY CLOSE to that CPU team we made, with Waluigi, Daisy, DK, and Wario all matching.
My ideal rival team would be Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, Donkey Kong, Funky Kong, and Dry Bowser. If I could choose the CPU characters, I'd always put those 6 characters on the opposing team.

I think your rival team has Baby Peach and Baby Daisy as the last two characters? I never let Baby Peach be on the rival team, and I don't unlock Baby Daisy so that she doesn't appear in races.


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Super Mario Maker 2, beginning development on my remake of 2-4 Super Paper Mario. Hopefully I have enough transitions between doors and pipes to not sacrifice any doors from the original.


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Paper Mario

Played part of the prologue. Let's see what this baby has to offer. Figured I'd use this emulator to play something other than Fire Emblem a bit. And they're both made by the same people so I guess I will try to spot similarities.
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