Who should compose the music for the Mario movie?


As we all know, music plays an important part in the Mario series. Universal and Illumination know they can't mess up the music for the movie.
With that being said, who should compose the music for the movie? I kind of hope that they get Koji Kondo back, since he is the go-to guy for Mario music. If not him, I would love Grant Kirkhope to do it. His work on Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is amazing.

But who do you guys want? I am curious.

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I want composers who worked on previous Mario games but knowing Hollywood, I doubt it.
I think Alan Menkin is one of the big Hollywood composers who fits the music style of Mario the most


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I doubt they'll use game composers, so Michael Giacchino or John Powell.

I would've said Thomas Newman but I think he would be a better fit for a Mario Galaxy-themed film or a Zelda film.


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Mark Mothersbaugh, not only did he did various scores for a wide variety of movies and composed some parts of The Sims 2 soundtrack, but he produced that Super Mario World theme song too.

Here's an example of what he does

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The Grant Kirkhope suggestion from the OP is actually a pretty good idea, he not only has experience with cartoony games like Mario from his time at Rare, he has experience with the Mario franchise itself from Mario + Rabbids, and seems to be moving into composing for films as of late, so I think he would actually be a great choice for the Mario Movie.

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ohh junkie xl composed for darkspore thats why the name was so familiar to me. itd be really funny if darkspore and mario had a composer overlap
i did like that one song from darkspore i suppose. its the only ove ive ever listened to
also listening to that sims 2 track he also composed and it slaps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziUoUJhr8qw (but thats typical for sims 2 music from what i know)
looking at stuff hes composed for though. these all seem to have a specific vibe im not sure would fit for the mario movie???? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Holkenborg#Discography it all seems to be stuff you could describe as like. a bop. techo-y stuff. maybe. im not familiar with music people

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Junkie XL did some electronica tracks for Sims 3, particularly Gluten King (which I like). Would be funny if that were to play in Mario media.


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