Post your least cancelable Mario take here

Oh, absolutely. It's very fortunate that Mario had this sort of... twin connection with Luigi and could tell where he was. Kind of a shame that was never referenced again in other games, it could be neat, I think.
I always thought it just reinforces twin stereotypes and show twins as aberrations that can mind read each other (they can't) and feel each other's pain (it's just coincidence) or some other weird powers. Personally, don't agree that it should be a power for that reason. So, that's a cancelable take if you will.

Maybe there's a fringe subset of MaRPG fans that hate everything modern Mario but as far as I can tell, everyone likes the 2D style and loved its inclusion in several games especially Mario Party as of lately.
That's a cancelable take right there. By me.
oh i have another take
stickerb(r)ush symphony really is incredible and is one of the best dkc songs
Bzzt. Cancelable take! Try again.
The animation work in Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, and Mario Strikers tend to be one of the best aspects of those games.
Out of all the Mario Kart games, Mario Kart 7 has the best music for when you lose a race. Honestly, this is probably the only game where I don't mind losing a race because the music is so catchy.
Wario is funny when he loses and if you don't think so, why is there an entire Mario Power Tennis cutscene dedicated to him losing.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and everyone else... I have the LEAST cancellable Mario take of all time!

*deep breath*

Mario exists.