Most favorite DLC character

Which DLC character do you like?

  • Piranha Plant

    Votes: 6 46.2%
  • Joker

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • Hero

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Banjo & Kazooie

    Votes: 6 46.2%
  • Terry

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • Byleth

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Min Min

    Votes: 1 7.7%
  • Steve

    Votes: 5 38.5%
  • Sephiroth

    Votes: 5 38.5%
  • Pyra/Mythra

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • Kazuya

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sora

    Votes: 2 15.4%

  • Total voters

Door Trace

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1. Hero: He is my overall favorite to play as despite me having pretty much no knowledge of the Dragon Quest series, his moveset is especially fun to use in those chaotic 8 player Smashes. I also made his Down B be composed of ice cream names. I don't play on his stage too often, but it's all right.
2. Piranha Plant: Just like splashmouse, I adore the absurdity of it. I'd love to have absolute whack playable characters and a potted generic plant easily fits the bill. No legs, no problem. I remember lolling when my sister told the news a Piranha Plant was going to be playable.
3. Joker: Don't have much knowledge of the Persona series but I was familiar with it and so I was stoked to hear him coming to the game. Best part about him was his amazing music he came with, having music from Persona 3, 4, and 5, so that's amazing, never thought I'd actually see Mass Destruction in Smash Bros. without me having to mod it in, though Last Surprise is my absolute favorite track. His stage is okay. I wanted something wackier from Persona 5 though.
4. Sephiroth: My classic go-to serious badass punching bag guy, and he's still a regular punching bag. Done his voice clips, love beating him up. I also like his stage too, it has a beautiful background with a lot going on.
5. Byleth: A Russian punching bag dude with a very fun stage to play on, what's not to like about it? Love 8 player smash sessions.
6. Kazuya: Not only is he a punching bag, but his stage is my favorite of the DLC stages and I love playing on it.
7. Banjo & Kazooie: They were punching bags at one point but they kinda fell out of favor because better ones exist (namely Mr. Krabs, Homer Simpson, Billy & Many, Crocker, Living With Wario, and soon to come Peter Griffin, the Eds from Ed Edd n Eddy, and Spongebob. His stage is good though, I like playing on it.
8. Sora: At least my sister gets to play as a Mario version of him...? His stage's nothing remarkable. He's otherwise a pretty bland JRPG protagonist half of his notability (the Disney side of it) is gone. Obviously Nintendo can't get rights to Disney properties but that's pretty much the appeal of this guy.
9. Terry: Just exists. I like his stage, and I did replace him with Waluigi, but I don't think that's a point in his favor, since I forget he's supposed to be there.
10. Min Min: Pretty much just exists. I do like her stage though.
11. Steve: He's okay as a punching bag, but I don't like his stage too much. I heavily dislike Minecraft's art style, and the stage is only notable within the first minute but otherwise gets the same layout every time, almost making its unique effect about it pointless.
12. Pyra/Mythra: I fucking despise those two characters and their wank fodder designs. I don't need porn stars in my Smash. At least I do like their stage, more playable than Gaur Plains at least.

zelen !!

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ive only used plant since it came with the game when ibought it early and i never got any of the dlc. well i think plant is just a hilarious fighter idea
shoutouts to banjo and steve/alex for just being cool additions
no opinions on anyone else really


Star Spirit
Banjo I think is the overall best inclusion out of all the Ultimate DLC. Though I also do really like Sephiroth the addition of more FF7 content just about justifies his inclusion entirely.

Some honorable mentions to Steve and Sora though. The former for being a pretty wacky, but still worthy inclusion when all is said and done. And even if I'm no Kingdom Hearts fan we can all clap that Sakurai managed to pull one more seemingly impossible feat of getting Disney to play ball to close off Ultimate with a bang.
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In terms of hype, Joker, not only because I was planning to play P5 and his inclusion made me go "Now I HAVE to play it", but also because his announcement came out of nowhere. Banjo comes a close second.

Conversely, Banjo is my favourite to play as while Joker is my second favourite. Byleth is also admittedly fun to use.

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Piranha Plant's my favorite of the DLC characters, but things get spicy if I get to talk about how someone modded Mario over Sora and how I used Mario over Sora, and now I use him when I get tired of ground-game short-range Mario.

Pyra and Mythra are my least favorite of DLC characters.


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Rose's Official Ranking of Ultimate DLC (real)

1. Sora - The childhood pipedream character that never should've happened, but here he is. Not only is Sora in the game, but he's also been given so much care and love in terms of his design and alternate costumes. The stage and music that came with him are also great, but just, wow, Sora from Kingdom Hearts is actually in Smash Bros. Little me would still find it impossible to believe.
2. Steve - The childhood joke character. My former best friend and I used to have a joke about Steve getting into Smash, never expecting it to be a reality. Once again, my expectations were shattered, and on top of that, Steve is ridiculously fun and goofy to play as. The reveal trailer and its triumphant music still makes me feel things.
3. Terry - This is the surprise third placer, because I wasn't (and still aren't particularly) an SNK fighting game fan, but damn do I love Terry in Smash. He's certainly my favorite character to play as who originates from a fighting game, and beyond that, he has plenty of style and fun to him. Terry feels like a love letter from Sakurai, and I can sense it in everything from his fine-tuning to his stage.
4. Joker - Slot four could basically go to three different characters, but I'm deciding to slot Joker here. I remember the pure astonishment in the reveal, and how I somehow knew in my gut it would be Smash when Joker appeared onscreen (likely fueled by a conversation I had with Coffee literally a day or two before about him being added). I love his gameplay, I love his impact, and he's looking cool.
5. Piranha Plant - Absolutely legendary character and reveal. I was simply blown away and continue to be now.
6. Sephiroth - Take everything I said above and make it (real). The Sephiroth reveal trailer is genuinely phenomenal, and I rewatched it over and over again after it premiered. Sephiroth is a video game villain icon, and his playstyle and attitude in Smash really reflects his power. I greatly enjoy him being here, and I think he's very fun to mess around with.
7. Pyra/Mythra - This is when we start getting into my more neutral ground with characters. I have no real interest in Xenoblade, but I do think the two of them are incredibly fun to play, so that's enough to boost them up to this spot.
8. Banjo & Kazooie - No hate to Banjo & Kazooie at all; I never grew up playing their games or feeling like they were missing from the Smash roster. I can totally recognize their importance and how right it is that they're here now, though, and in a way, it feels like they've always been here, so I'm glad they can be home again.
9. Byleth - Another instance of a character being fun enough playstyle wise to elevate them. I have no interest in Byleth as a character, and their reveal was by far the worst reveal trailer of any DLC character, but they still are fun to mess around with so they get bonus points with me.
10. Hero - Not a Dragon Quest person, and I'm not really the biggest fan of playing them, even if they can utilize some absurd and wacky spells. Still a huge character inclusion for sure, but not necessarily for me.
11. Kazuya - I've gotta be real with you all, I really do not like how Kazuya plays in Smash. I know the point is to be true to his Tekken material, but it's just too much. [insert joke about Smash players not knowing how to play any other fighting games here] I also think that Kazuya isn't all that visually interesting (though he's better in the suit), and I don't have an interest in Tekken in general.
12. Min Min - I don't actually hate Min Min as an individual character from ARMS, I think she's fun and cute and all that. She's the most meh DLC character for me, though. Meh source material, meh reveal, definitely meh gameplay. I pretty much find her the most unremarkable and fun of the DLC characters, so into the bottom slot she goes.

Honorable mention to Sans, who I would probably put above Pyra/Mythra, genuinely. That reveal and the fact he's even in the game is something else


Sephiroth has immediately climbed up the ranks and has even made it to being on of my mains. Man's awesome.

After that I'd go Steve>Terry>Hero>Piranha Plant>Kazuya>Sora>MinMin>Byleth>Banjo>Joker>Pyra/Mythra

Steve's pretty fun with a gimmick that's far less demanding than it seems at first and you can do some neat shit with him, not to mention the appeal that STEV MINECREFT WOAH

Terry's prob my favorite fg character in smash, idk he just feels good, plus he looks cool.

Hero has the funny down B which has lead to many comedic moments in the past.

Plant is Plant.

Kazuya's a lot harder than I anticipated him to be but I like mashing randomly to see what inputs I can pull off and he's a fair bit strong too.

Sora is where my opinion becomes mid. He plays alright I just don't feel strongly about him.

MinMin I like more than I thought I would, though still not someone I can see deliberately picking a lot.

Being the FE person that I am, Byleth was funny as a copemine for smash fans which was definitely fun to watch at the time but I can't say I really care much for them or their game. Moveset ain't too bad though.

Banjo is there. It's cool he's there I guess, that's about it.

I feel nothing about joker.

Pyra Mythra are fucking disgusting I hate how good they are and under no circumstances will I even let my cursor hover over them.

zelen !!

actual spore creature
you know . i do have to agree with yall that pythra character design is kinda yucky
my thoughts on the character(s) being added is still like. eh whatever though


I was talking more about how they are in gameplay and shit but character design is also sussy so I won't really disagree

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From a gameplay standpoint, Terry because I spent more then five seconds playing as him, in fact I probably spent 6000 hours on both him and stage, each.
Otherwise, just based on the character/series alone, I'd say it's a tie between Banjo and Steve. Both are from very cool games that I enjoy greatly.
All of the first party characters suck (except plant).

Koopa con Carne

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Koopa con Carne
All of them have been welcome, much anticipated and iconic additions to the fighter cast.

Except Byleth, obviously.

My favourite would be either Piranha Plant or Steve, for the sheer absurdity of it. Haven't played any DLC character except for the plant so I can't really opine on how they play.