What's a weird and/or random fact about yourself?

Big Urchin

Didn't you know? it's all canon
I have a sweet pastry with my coffee every morning. Also, I feel a strange sense of deja vu.


Cream's mother
I skipped Grade 1 during my elementary school years because I was too smart for it.

I have had Autism since I was 1 year old.

I tend to like female, cute, pretty, or cool characters that are under-appreciated. Therefore, most of my opinions on male characters are either neutral or negative.

I have a huge collection of plushes.


Koopa Public Relations
I've run a Jurassic Park/Jurassic World encyclopedia project (like a wiki) since I was 15 or so (36 now). Recently just moved it onto its own host instead of being attached to a fan site: Jurassic-Pedia. I use a different CMS than MediaWiki because there's a big issue with vandalism in that fandom, but it allows me to get to know our contributors one on one and create a healthy environment. We're a bit academic in our approach and function like a scientific body in a way with it. I had gone to school originally for computer programming and graduated in 2006, but I was never able to secure a job with it. It did help me with my website-making knowledge though.

I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective, Depression, Anxiety, and C-PTSD in my mid/late 20s after battling it quietly for years previously. I had a break after trying to go back to school to earn my Bachelors' in Paleontology in 2012/2013 that forced me to confront it and get help ultimately so I've been in therapy and taking regular medication for the last several years. I ended up going on disability. I also found out I may have Asperger's? Given my tendency to memorize things and hold onto all facets of facts of things I'm interested in. I would love to go back to school to commit to becoming a paleontologist fully, but medically speaking I think it would be a bad idea considering it involves a lot of travel and the possibility of being several hundred miles away from a pharmacy to refill medication.

I live alone primarily, but I have a little black cat that I named Ravage after the Decepticon spy cat. She's my emotional support animal and is very good at helping me if I an episode. I volunteer downtown at my local Museum (currently) with was volunteering with a mental health organization until the pandemic hit.

Yes, I also love Transformers - Megatron is my favorite character and I admit I have a shrine there. Heh. The 2005 IDW comics were really good and I love that incarnation of the character the most as well as the Beast Wars version too.

4 facts to start here with I guess. Heh.


Friends w/ Peely from Fortnite
A few years ago I bought 2 boxes on the Super Mario Cereal (The one that's also an amiibo). One of them I kept boxed on my shelf, and the other I opened and ate. Honestly when I tried it I thought it tasted TERRIBLE! So I threw the cereal away.

The other one is still unopened on my shelf though. Is it weird to have food that's years old on your shelf?