what is your opinion on MK7


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It's how I've come to hate Peach in that game, since I main Toad. Though currently, my hate of Peach is just confined to that game only, everywhere else she's fine.

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I've only played MK7 once so I don't really have much of an opinion other than I think that the game is okay, but I do like MKDD and MK8 (especially MK8D better).
It's how I've come to hate Peach in that game, since I main Toad. Though currently, my hate of Peach is just confined to that game only, everywhere else she's fine.
I see, so you still like Peach in other games as well, except for MK7 even though you get to have Baby Luigi in there with a mod. Also, I like Peach's different outfits in Mario Kart Tour which is why I like her along with Cupid Baby Peach. Dr. Peach is also a nice doctor to play as in Mario Kart Tour if you have her at higher levels along with Dr. Fire Peach.

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The No Vs. Mode in single player does really impact it, and there is not a lot to do once you finish the game with all 3 stars, and there is times where you get 3 mushrooms multiple times, but the Multiplayer feature was alright. That being said, I miss the non-Nintendo Network ID multiplayer. It is far from perfect, but I don't get as angry with it as much as 8 or 8 deluxe.


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Local multiplayer is actually a bit ass. The developers think that local play is exactly the same as online play, so that's why there's timers everywhere and you can't pause the game midmatch when both those functions were working perfectly fine in Mario Kart DS.


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Ever since Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was announced back in 2017 the first thing I thought was why didn't they make a Mario Kart 7 Deluxe or at least release a pack that expanded the base game, recalling the time they've released Mario Kart 8 DLC back in 2014. That game is much more in need of an expansion pack, plus it sold incredibly well so the potential sales would have been great (plus it's a chance for Waluigi to return). Even New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf have DLC, and the latter's was released much later than the base game! I guess to the developers this is the more expendable game in terms of content, so in other words, when they're done with it they won't bother to do anything with it anymore.

In terms of content, I concur that it is rather lacking in that department, not only because of the lack of Waluigi (which dissuaded my purchase for the game) but also the lack of basic modes, namely a VS which was included in DS and Wii. At least there's a VS equivalent for Battle, which would have been worse if they didn't even include it. I suppose to the developers online is a priority, since the only bug that I recall them fixing is online-related.

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Though currently, my hate of Peach is just confined to that game only, everywhere else she's fine.
saaame, but because of her Hard Ghost Data at Cheep Cheep Lagoon.

Gliding and Underwater are a gimmick until you're trying to beat Time Attack, now suddenly you need to learn how to perfect those small moments of falling.

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I pretty much never play it anymore, but it was fun back when I used to play it. The new courses are pretty good, but contrary to popular opinion I'm not a big fan of the retro tracks for this game. Lack of single player VS mode is a pretty big issue, but good thing I have a second 3DS which allows me to play VS mode even without a buddy.

My thoughts on the roster are that it's pretty strange, and it's too bad that Waluigi isn't in the game because he's needed on the rival team when I play team races or battle mode with teams on. Also, I like that Rosalina is voiced by Kerri Kane in this game, so I may have actually played as her more than Peach in this game. I remember falling off the track on purpose sometimes with Rosalina so that I could hear that "Aaaaaaaaaah" scream of hers. I'm glad that it was reused as her Star KO scream in Smash 4 and Ultimate.

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It had pretty charming tracks (I love Shy Guy Bazaar and its Super Mario Bros 2 vibes) and a funny new gimnick, but it had a kinda lackluster characters selection. I liked the inclusion of Lakitu and Wiggler - as random as it may seem - but... booting characters like Waluigi for them? Especially after the excellent selection of Mario Kart Wii and before the as much excellent one from MK8 Deluxe? A clumsy move if you ask me.