Smash Tour (Roleplay)


haha funny
I’m surprised no one has done this yet, whatever then, Smash Tour roleplay.

‘Characters: Guest A, Guest B, Guest C, Guest D, Guest E, Guest F, Any mii you created (Including Wii, Wii U and Nintendo Switch Miis)

Claim a character by putting the name of the mii (or “guest mii”) in bold letters


1: Be Nice
2: Be Logical
3: No God Modding
4: When in the fighting part, type this: Character used Move (Example: Mario Used Dash Attack) and if the character grabs an item, type this: Character grabbed Item (Example: Duck Hunt grabbed Super Scope)
5: Play fairly.

Claimed Characters:

Guest C claimed by kfc/Mushroom King
Birchie claimed by BlueBerryBlue
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