do you think swordsman are exaggerated in smash?

what is your opinion?

  • swordsmen are not exaggerated at all. in fact, there should be more of them!

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So there are a lot of complains in smash that the FE characters or random swordsman have a lot of over representation and that's a bad thing, but a lot of people thing this thing is a good thing, so give me your opinion.
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Let's see...
Link, Marth, Lucina, Young Link, Roy, Chrom, Meta Knight, Ike, Toon Link, Shulk, Cloud, Corrin, Hero, Mii Swordfighter.

And characters with swords in their move sets who aren't necessarily sword fighters, or other fighters with pointy objects: Ganondorf, Pit, Dark Pit, Mega Man, Greninja, Robin, Simon, Richter, Joker, Byleth.

Well, they aren't exactly rare, but they do take up a decent amount of space. But there's also the fist fighter, gunners, magic users, and others, so it doesn't really matter.

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i never saw the weapon of choice used as a problem at all: plenty of people fight completely unarmed. i fail to see how, if they carry a big knife, they suddenly get a samey problem...?


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Here's my ideal "Smash Swordfighter" Roster:

Link, Young Link (w/ altered moveset based off Majora's Mask), Toon Link (w/ 90% more Wind Waker), Marth, Roy (with further alterations to make him... NOT a Marth clone), Ike, and... *sigh* Chrom (with his unused moveset they developed for him in Smash 4 but cut because that disgusting clone called Lucina was a better option, I guess). And I guess Cloud counts as a swordfighter, doesn't he? And Erdrick, too... and Meta Knight... and Mii Swordfighter, but they don't count.
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True, I'm a fire emblem fan and by extension someone who isn't personally bothered by the abundance of fe characters nor this of swordsmen to begin with. I do acknowledge that the smash representation of FE is bad and it makes the series look bad too which it isn't at all, and I would have loved to see some non-sword lords from fe (which is why I advocate for ephraim in smash).

That said I think the most important thing is that the character in question should be fun above all else, and it just turns out that most fe characters are fun to play as so...


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Swordsman in general, no. Plenty of things can be done with them, look at the differences between Link, Marth, Shulk, Cloud, Meta Knight, etc. Or even just Marth and Ike. Sure, it really comes down to the character's own abilities from their home game or what works best in Smash. I do agree there are too many Marths, however, as there are four of them. Chrom could've easily been his own fighter (as could Dark Samus), but it seems like they were late additions to please voters.

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Meta Knight rules.
Cloud rules.
Corrin rules, Chrom rules and Link rules.
Young Link is my main.

Short, sweet, and to the point.
(Also I support MM Young Link and WW Toon Link)


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i main some sword boys and girls, such as meta knight, lucina and shulk. i never had a problem with sword characters, and i honestly don't understand why people don't want sword characters, but also want characters like isaac and lloyd (seriously what the actual fuck).

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i honestly don't understand why people don't want sword characters, but also want characters like isaac and lloyd (seriously what the actual fuck).
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