Paper Mario: The Origami King

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ok so more thoughts
origami is evil? its kinda interesting with how mario did fold himself into paper airplanes and boats in ttyd and those were curses right. still technically evil
bowser and bowser jr seem to assist mario here which is interesting! seems to me even the villains are uniting against origami which is possessing everyone. also wait jr wasnt in color splash right
the other partners (seemingly) look generic as hell which is a shame but im still glad to know theyre. you know. even here! bring the chain chomp back while were at it

it looks so much like cplor splash but is still pretty especially those super colorful mountains you see at one point in the trailer


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It looks like a great game! It seems to retain Color Splash's art style, but has partners like the previous Paper Mario games! And it releases ONE DAY after my birthday! I was starting to think that there wouldn't be any Mario games this year, but I'm so excited for this one!


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Huh, well that was unexpected.

Pleasant surprise but definitely unexpected.

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as long as the gameplay is tolerable please please please don't let me down nintendo i want story back


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I love them too, but there are a lot of people who don’t
I have figured out the levels!
1. Mario’s home
2. Toad Town
3. Peach’s castle
4. Dungeon
6. Pains
7. Train
8. Mountains
9. Desert
10. Hot Springs of revival
11.Autumn Waterfall
12.Nightmare’s end.
13. Bowser’s airship.
14. Bowser’s Castle