What should Waluigi's mainstream role be?

What should Waluigi's mainstream role be?

  • Main player

  • Antagonist

  • Midboss

  • Rascal

  • Hostage

  • Sidekick

  • Game host

  • Guidance

  • Professional Athlete

  • Others

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Waluigi's lack of mainstream role has always been an issue. But what kind of role should he act if an opportunity occurs?

Main player
Example: Mario (New Super Mario Bros)
I wouldn't really mind. But would still need some backstory if it wouldn't be as weird as Peach inviting Wario to her birthday party.

Example: Bowser (New Super Mario Bros)
Can he? Maybe, but he just seems not like the antagonist material in my opinion.

Example: Koopalings (New Super Mario Bros Wii)
Maybe he and Bowser conspire against Mario?

Example: Nabbit (New Super Mario Bros U)
Goof around, mess up things and steal, causing troubles for players to deal in several events. I honestly think it fits him best since Waluigi is less an antagonist material.

Examp;e: Toad (Super Mario Galaxy)
I kinda doubt it. Not like he would willingfully help Mario and stay behind.

Example: Peach (Super Mario Bros)
Yes, that's kinda a role, just not sure if there is a persuasive reason for him to be kidnapped by anyone? Yet, who want to save him?

Example: Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy)
Not sure if his daily job can endow such kind of role. But it's a possibility.

Game host
Example: JimmyT (Warioware)
It can work. Just he needs some formal introduction in a new Warioware game and tells why he never came to this series for such long time.

Professional athlete
Example: Gene (Mario Golf GB)
For unknown reasons some people want him to represent all Mario sport games, so maybe this is an efficient way? But I doubt it since Nintendo didn't try to tell such kind of backstory for him even if he has been in several Mario sport games. It makes even less sense for him to resembel Mario.

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Cat Waluigi looks weird :waluigi:

On topic, I always imagined a Mario game where Mario is player 1, Luigi is player 2, Wario is player 3, and Waluigi is player 4. Maybe Mario and Luigi team up with Wario and Waluigi? On a side note, a special "swim-in-the-air" move would be a really cool ability to give Waluigi.


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He and Wario should be like, guys who obstruct you for no reason.


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Bowser in TTYD was still trying to take over the world and shit, I'm talking like REALLY petty.

Like taking candy from babies petty.

Is... is that not what he already is?


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Wario and Waluigi are good fits for the role of Rascal (like Nabbit). I could also see him as the main antagonist of a spin-off, but not really for a mainline game.


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In the Mario games, a rascal alongside Wario. Maybe a major antagonist in a game which brings Wario back as the main antagonist.

However, i think he should also appear as a protagonist in the Wario games, and perhaps his own game, which should ideally focus on his weirdness as a character and unconventional moveset. But instead of being about treasure like Wario Land, have it be Waluigi trying to prove himself worthy (or save Wario from something that possessed him when he got too greedy)


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I have a hard time seeing Wario as main antagonist material these days either.

Unless it's one of those silly spin off games where they do evil things like....putting a bucket on a person's head.


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The roles that Waluigi had briefly taken in Mario Party-e and Game & Watch Gallery Advance, plus his general role in the Dr. Mario-kun manga is ideally how Waluigi should be used: he's clearly a troublemaker that's not dependent on his targets, since he even attempts to mess up Mario (even though the general assumption is that he normally targets Luigi). Therefore, I felt that the designations of "Antagonist" and "Rascal" made the most sense to me. I wouldn't even mind a sidekick role even if he's not the first choice, unless it's for Wario, since I like to view Waluigi as akin to Goofy: a lanky sidekick that is prone to the more slapstick or injurious moments.

I added "Professional Athlete" into my choice because I also thought that his game of origin could lend himself to this niche quite well, like in a form of minigames. Kind of similar to how Toadette was created to be Toad's partner in Double Dash!! and she still generally had that role.

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I could see him and Wario teaming up for rival battles against Mario and Luigi or possibly begrudgingly working with them to stop a common threat, Basically a sorta "Bulk and Skull" dynamic.


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I want him at least playable in the multiplayer platformers, like 3D world. Knowing Nintendo they won’t ever include him outside of spin offs. They didn’t even have him playable in smash! They’ll add Toadette and Daisy without him and Wario in a main game cause let‘s face it, they’re more popular...Let’s not forget what they did with super mario 64 ds.

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And Waluigi's the antagonist primarily due to Wario's stupidity like an argument over who betted all their life savings on Boshi in the Mushroom Derby and Waluigi considers Wario to be de-brotherized (and they're not even brothers according to game flavor text).

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I was thinking more about idk Waluigi steals Wario's hen out of jealousy. Maybe you could add Waluigi succesfully making Mona fall in love with him and building a more successful microgame business, but that's too Warioware-ish rather than Wario Land-ish. What you says sounds more like something Waluigi would be a good guy on (I think I'd love that more actually).

I love how I can come up with this plot so fast.

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Alrighty then! Sidekick it is, boi!
I am willing to backtrack on that statement...

And give Waluigi credit where credit is due. My bench's gotten pretty freezing cold. It would be nice if someone sat on it to warm it up a bit.

If Waluigi can use the void as a swimming pool, then surely he can manipulate temperature. I'm sorry I ever doubted you Waluigi, you turned out useful.

Now get on the bench.


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A merchant.

Or even better, a scam merchant.