Favorite/Least Favorite YouTubers?

idk I think if one wants to create as many male characters as they please or female characters as they please that's perfectly fine. If you want to do representation, good for you. Just make a great character and I'll like him.

There's also some pretty badass females in games. Samus? Chun Li? Lara Croft? Sonya? Ms. Pacman? They're all pretty old characters too and people like them.


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Oh don't get me wrong. 90% of characters I want to make are male, because I want to tell a story using male characters. But honestly, I'm not a large fan of female video game characters in general, males stick out to me more. Major female characters have this tendency to be sexy and a bit homogenized, even if they are badass like Samus or Lara Croft is, and I can really only name like, three favorite female characters in a cast out of all video games I've played that I've really liked (Rosalina and Toadette, both from Mario series and Raine from Tales of Symphonia).

And btw, we're not really talking about the characters in of themselves but the representation of female gaming YouTubers in proportion to male ones (though I suppose that works in tandem with the audience). I don't think there's a big-name female Mario YouTuber from what I remember. Some games however, do have a larger portion of female YouTubers such as the aforementioned Animal Crossing or the Sims but I don't think it's a coincidence that life sim games have a larger female playerbase.

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Stryder7X is the only Mario related YouTuber that I watch, his videos about are good and I enjoy learning about how the Paper Mario games work.

Ahoy - Longer essay style videos about older games (normally PC games), or videos exploring the history of a gun in videos games.
BrainScratch Commentaries - An LP channel featuring a group of four people who never talk about the game, and will always have one part where they talk about Sonic.
Caddicarus - Videos about PlayStation games.
Gaming Historian - Videos discussing the development behind NES/GameBoy era games and peripherals.
LGR - Talks about older PC games, and goes shopping in thrift stores.
Maxmilian Dood - Streams a variety of games, normally Fighting Games.
Nerrel - Has a good sense of humour.
RadicalSoda - Ignoring the thumbnails, his videos remind of JonTron when he was good.
Scott the Woz - Also reminds me of JonTron.
SomecallmeJohnny - Talks about videos games, is also a member of BrainScratch.
Summoning Salt - Longer essay style videos exploring the history of Speedruns.
The Geek Critique - Longer essay style videos.
Vinesauce (Vinny) - Streams games and consistently manages to make it funny.

Also FUNKe. I don't know how to describe his videos, but their really good and you should watch them.


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If we're going to talk about nonMario video game-central YouTubers, plenty that I watch. I think the main reason I don't watch Mario YouTubers is that I already know plenty of the series and I'm more curious about games that I don't know well about.

Jim Sterling: Staunch regular on his videos, talks about the game industry mostly.
Angry Joe: Game reviews, though I don't watch him too often these days, I still thoroughly enjoy classic Angry Joe though and his bad game reviews are the best.
ProJared: Had a controversy that he tried to resolve, so I enjoy his content.
JonTron: Hate his alt-right views so I pretty much stopped watching him because of it. But I used to like his videos a lot.
AVGN: People should know his schtick at this point.
PBG: Like his videos, especially his thrift store games that do have MSB edutainment titles in them.
GrayStillPlays: All of his Sim death videos are great.
Let's Game It Out: Has a blunt yet sadistic sense of humor for all of the games he plays (a lot of them are simulation games), breaks games, and I love him for that. He should play an Animal Crossing game honestly.
We Broke: Guys who laugh at the bugs and glitches of bad games, love them.


Any one here watch LuigiFan00001?

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Well, I might as well name off the non-Mario gaming YouTubers I watch since I only really mentioned Nathaniel Bandy and Arlo before.

Scott the Woz - He talks about various gaming subjects with the perfect mixture of information, opinion, and humor. I feel he could make a video on anything and it would still be enjoyable.

Oddheader - Makes videos about easter eggs and other mysterious findings in video games. They're very informative and quite interesting.

PeanutButterGamer - Makes goofy videos about various games. He specializes in silly fun.

IntroSpecktive - Smash Bros. focused channel. He uploads pretty frequently and his videos are short and sweet unlike a lot of YouTubers these days.

LSuperSonicQ - Makes videos on lost media and other obscure stuff. He actually covers a lot more than gaming, but he does enough gaming content that it's appropriate to list him here.

AsumSaus - Used to make Melee compilations, but now he makes videos that go into detail on various specific details of Melee. His videos are very well edited and he makes some great thumbnails.

JonTron - He's not even really a gaming YouTuber anymore, but his content is still entertaining. Funny thing is I didn't even start watching him until his recent return to making videos about a year ago.

Raio - A rather small YouTuber who does fairly standard gaming videos but with a twist: he draws a bunch of artwork that goes along with his topic and displays it as the video goes on. Unfortunately, he hasn't uploaded anything for a pretty long time.

NormalBoots - They used to make Madness, a tournament-style show where the judges decide on which games/shows/whatever are the best, but ever since the ProJared controversy nearly a year ago, they've completely stopped that. They said they were gong to start it back up again, but it's been a hot minute....

Loeder - Makes some sweet 8-bit remixes of Nintendo music.

The Game Theorists - Honestly, I barely watch them anymore since I'm not interested in most of their videos and they annoy me to an extent, but I'm still subscribed to them so I might as well put them. I do watch a video of theirs occasionally and I generally enjoy it when I do.


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Don't believe everything you see just because someone is acting like a victim. Ask questions, do research, wait for the counter arguments.

If the Projared thing taught me anything it's that you should never treat accusations as the absolute truth right off the bat.


Edit:I meant to say Projared, not ProZD.
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Guess I should list all my favourites and least favourites too, eh?
Zelda Universe.
Conner The Waffle.
Nintendo Minute.
Life Noggin.
Mario Party Legacy.
Scott The Woz.
Dub Matters.
Sr Pelo.
Nathaniel Bandy.
Terrible Writing Advice.
Don't really have any least favourites, except for Logan Paul and TheBitBlock.


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This is like, up for law enforcement to solve, not social media, I don't get why it's talked on social media.


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i imagine the common interest that are often associated with males and females play a integral part in that.

I play The Sims since the 2000's , and im male but im very aware that as of today that particular playerbase is mostly female. Why? for me its totally because the thematic of the game, even if its very ''neutral'' i guess the game's essence of playing with life and being creative when it comes to interior design which is a huge part of the game its mostly something that females are interested.

That and the fact that custom content is a huge deal in the sims , hair and fashion mostly , which is again something very close to female interest.
Also another huge aspect of that series is the social interactions, relationships and in the lastest games emotions , another thing females are mostly interested in.

Mario barely explores any of deep subjects or plays around deeper meanings so the playerbase seems very neutral for me , i have never heard someone saying Mario is for boys or Mario is for girls , but i will always hear Mario is for everybody.

All of that may sound a tad stereotypical, but it holds truth to a good extend.

When it comes to being ''represented'' in games, i just never got the appeal in that. As a gay latino man i will never get the sudden need of that. Games for me are something that are meant to escape the sad reality we live in, not to make it similar, that would make no sense to me.

I enjoy more playing games that have strong and fun female leads, which is what appeals me the most like in fighting games like Soul Calibur i would play as Cassandra or in the Samurai Warriors games my favorite is Inahime
And when it comes to Mario , Daisy irks me to no end since she is a walking contradiction and Peach is a big steretype ... so i go with the best female character, we know who that is.

and When it comes to youtubers, i watch packattack04082 , nintenU and those youtubers that post early gameplays of Mario games and do full walkthroughts without commentary. Aside from that i watch others but they arent from Mario.


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Believe it or not, i worded it that way on purpose because i just knew that if i gave you the chance you would make a joke out of it.

Glad it worked, im not disappointed . 🙃🙃🙃

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Mario in a dress?
you ask well Mcmadness

you don't know how long I wanted to see Mario in a dress in the games :)

When it comes to being ''represented'' in games, i just never got the appeal in that. As a gay latino man i will never get the sudden need of that. Games for me are something that are meant to escape the sad reality we live in, not to make it similar, that would make no sense to me.
well I'm for representation (and there's the whole debate on media reflecting life and life reflecting media worth considering) and I could've sworn I've seen an article on the benefits of having a good representation of sexual minorities, gender minorities, racial minorities just recently


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well I'm for representation (and there's the whole debate on media reflecting life and life reflecting media worth considering) and I could've sworn I've seen an article on the benefits of having a good representation of sexual minorities, gender minorities, racial minorities just recently
I mean, i never said it was not beneficial. I was talking about me and how i personally feel about that.

Other players can totally feel like they are ´´represented´´ and that matters to them which is great.

For me, in my particular situation even as a part of a certain minority , it does nothing for me because the way i see it for me as an individual is that my sexual orientation is not a definition of my personality or what i like, and that shows in the games i play and who i play as like i stated.

I don't like playing as male characters, and if they were set to be ´´gay´´ i wont like them either since that is not what appeals to me in terms of videogames.

Im adressing this to make sure its clear im talking about myself, and not about anybody else and their opinion. Can't bring myself to comment further since it's not the topic at hand.


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I don't agree with everything he says but, he's always been a chill guy about different opinions.

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i don't watch any specifically mario-focused channels, but i figure since other people are shouting out tangenially related gaming channels, i'll put in a plug for one of my favourite youtubers, Game Maker's Toolkit.

GMTK is a really great channel that makes video essays exploring various gameplay concepts and explaining some of the thought processes and design choices that come with them. They're always well thought out, and draw from real games to provide examples and explanations of what he's talking about. He's also got really good production quality and motion graphics which helps make it all easier to digest and understand. A few of the videos he's made even have some footage of interviews he did with the game's developers for the videos, which is really cool.

In terms of Mario content, he has a few really great videos about level design, looking at games like SM3DW, SMM1&2, and DKCTF. The DKCTF one talks about how the game takes Mario's level design philosophy (he explains a basic version of this in the video, but if you want a fuller explanation then check out the SM3DW video) and builds on it to make levels that are much more complex and well-designed (my favourite video of his, and probably also one of my favourite videos about DKCTF as well, but i'm probably a bit biased :diddy:). There's also a good one about Rayman Legends where he discusses a different approach to designing levels and worlds by looking at the 4th (and best) world, 20,000 Lums Under The Sea. They're really great videos so I'll leave a link to both of them and a link to his playlist of other platformer-related videos, where he talks about other games like Mega Man 11, Celeste and more.

Apart from that, he's got all sorts of content on there. He's got a series called Boss Keys which looks at dungeon design in Zelda games for the first season, then design of the world maps in Metroid games (plus SotN and Hollow Knight), there's videos about designing for people with hearing, visual, motor and cognitive disabilities, and just a bunch of stuff that's standalone content. If you're interested, I'd recommend just going to the videos tab on his panel and scrolling down to see what interests you; his videos typically have enough info in their titles/thumbnails to be able to know what it's about at a glance.

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Scott the Woz is good background noise when you have to stay up late to work on a project, for the sole reason that it's hard to fall asleep to his energetic ramblings, though I don't otherwise see the general appeal in his content. He talks too uncomfortably fast and his comedy is reaaaally dry.

For the record, AVGN also makes for good background noise.