Favorite/Least Favorite YouTubers?


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Also, Man on the Internet is currently playing straight to my inner SPM fangirl with their amazing lyrical covers of songs from the game, I seriously can't get enough of these!
I like Man on the Internet too....especially the ultimate show.

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Japancommercials4U2. I like that they upload no commentary playthroughs, I use their channel for research on games I'm unlikely to play.

Angry Video Game Nerd (although he doesn't do much on Mario because he likes Mario games generally) is really funny, I'm laughing both in agreement with him and at his anguish admittingly. Something about games annoying people in rediculous ways has always been funny to me.

Sven Svennson.

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The DExus Show: Oh god, this one has been bothering me for a long time. I don't think that his regular content is that bad, as his art seems to be pretty good and the things he does are quite likeable. But, the problems start to arise when we look at his reactions to Nintendo Directs and/or Fighter Reveals.
Now, you don't have to like everything Nintendo churns out, but this guy has a severe love for Kirby. If you look at his channel, you'll get what I mean. And then, every single time he doesn't get a character he wants or a game he wants, he doesn't throw a fit, but he does get quite angry, which makes me want to rip my hair outta my scalp! I want a Rhythm Heaven game on the Switch, but I don't get angry when I don't get it, along with many other people! What's even worse is that he's one of those small Youtubers, so no-one's calling him out, because they don't know who he is!

Overall, his content is good, but he really, really, REALLY needs to broaden his horizon
Why does he even spell his name like that?!

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Sven Svennson.

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BrawlFan1: Now, this is a guy that I like! His movesets are really well-made in my opinion and it does represent the character he's giving it to. I always enjoy how creative he can get with these and the jokes he makes in them are pretty good, too. But, I think the reason I like him so much is that he's just a great guy. He's very optimistic from what I've seen and I can really respect that!
All in all, I just really like him and I'm excited for 18:00.
You'll see why when it happens.

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Rimea and CeaveGaming might be some of my favourite right now. They are pretty chill guys and their analysis are super funny and enjoyable.

On the other flip of the coin, I... don't really like NB. I mean, he's not bad and can be pretty enjoyable, but it's a bit cringeworthy time to time.