What do you like about the boards?


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We choose to stay here for one reason or another, so tell me, what do you like about this place?

The fact it's the first forum I been on that isn't pessimistic to the point where everything is going to start argument, thank god

Also, it has a mod team while friendly and very easy to tell their personality, never let their biases get to them and never go as far to punish the emotionally confused too harshly


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I'm on Marioverse, Forum Games, and Ask Threads for the most part. Love Marioverse, always something new to talk about pretty much every day.


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Idk what to call it. The layout, format, function? I haven't come across a forum as easy to use & as pleasant to look at as here.

and the lovely community~! (vote Baby Peach for mayor!)

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Really just that this is one of those rare communities that is actually supportive and not destructive. People can post opinions without getting flamed for them, and the moderation team actually does its job without bias. I was a member of GFAQs once upon a time, and pretty much every thread I looked at was either a flame war or a complaint about biased mods; the negative experience I had there only makes me appreciate this community more. Despite my different opinions I still feel like a part of this community, and I'll tell you, that's a very great feeling.


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We all treat each other respectfully in most cases, even if views don't exactly line up, and the respective mod teams are always ready to step in should things go south. All-in-all, we're a pretty tight community.

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I like to share stuff and get reactions out of people, and as far as I know, it's one of the more active Mario communities, outside of the GameFAQs message boards (which tends to be filled to the brim with bad-faith trolls and low-quality posting).

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No prejudice in these parts, and you can be an important part of the community while making it fun for yourself, being able to easily interact with anyone because of how nice everyone is.

Really, this place is just another home to me.


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this is just. such a lovely community!! i really cant say ive had much bad experiences here at all! i love you guys
this one doesnt mean that much since ive only been in 2 but i can also say its the best mario community ive been in
i love profile posts a lot honestly. i read through em a lot and i post my own plenty too its pretty epic!

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Well, much like everyone else said, the community here is really friendly, I'm not in a lot of other online places like this but I've never seen one that's quite as nice as here anywhere else. It's also nice to have somewhere to discuss Mario stuff without having to backtrack and explain every time I mention a somewhat-obscure character or element (Characters like Fawful and Jimmy T. often require explaining).